NOTD: Essie Dupes For £1

Hey Everyone. How are you doing? I painted my nails this week with some fantastic shades of nail colour that I am really excited about so let me show you.

MUA Nail Polish In Left: Natural Days & Right: Pistachio Ice Cream

I first applied one coat of my Rimmel base coat and painted alternate nails with the two above polishes. They are both a bit streaky when first applied, but with patience and working pretty quickly as they do dry quite fast they came out perfectly. I painted two coats of Pistachio Ice Cream and three coats of Natural Days. I always find that the milkier the nail polish is in shade the more coats that are need so this is often the case with whites and light pinks. 

As you can see the bottles look like dupes of the Essie Nail Polishes. I went onto the Essie website to compare these shades an found that Pistachio Ice Cream looks similar to Mint Candy Apple. Natural Days I would say looks closest to the shade Fiji. Both of these shades I know are quite popular. You can buy the Essie Nail Polishes in lots of places now, but here is a link to Fiji and Mint Candy Apple where they are sold for £7.99 each at Superdrug. The MUA range is also sold at Superdrug only. I could not find these on the website, but they have new stickers on them and I haven't seen them in there before. These were only £1.00 each. 

Now I have never tried Essie nail polish so I can't compare the quality, but these work well enough for me and I love the colours so I am happy at saving £6.99 on each nail polish. I tried my best to compare the shades on line so if you think there are shades in the Essie range that match more closely to these MUA ones then please say in the comments below so that I and others will know. I also finished off the manicure with my Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Nail Spray.

I am loving this pastel combination which is great for spring. If MUA bring out more great dupes like this I will be a very happy bunny :) Have you tried any shades from this range and any from Essie? If yes, how do they compare? What are your favourite pastel combinations? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all



  1. I would have never guessed that these were MUA! They look much more expensive than £1! I love the mint colour, it will be perfect for spring :)

    1. Good to know that I have found a good colour that is liked :) xx

  2. I saw these on the MUA FB page, they revamped their polishes. These two are nice, and I thought the bottles were quite Essie like.

    1. Glad you like them and agree on the Essie lookalike term.


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