The Vitality Show 2013

Hello my sweets. How are you on this fine day? I have a little haul/day out post for you today so I will start off with how the day went and move on to the goodies. 

My Mum's birthday fell on Mother's Day this year and as part of her presents I bought her a ticket for the Vitality Show at Earls Court with some money to spend there. 

So it was Sunday the 24th March. My fella dropped me off at Mum's extremely early (about 7am) as he was working in town, but kindly dropped me off first. I sipped some coffee to wake up and splashed on some make-up. We left Mum's at around 8.15am. Walking up to the train station seemed better than standing in the cold and when we arrived I purchased our peak time tickets from the machine. Train after train was cancelled as a train had broken down on our line so we hopped on a bus to another station and yet another cancelled train. By this time we had been in the cold for almost two hours. We were both shivering and I couldn't feel my toes. In the end we jumped onto a bus and got two tubes. Overall it took us about three hours to get there when it should have taken about one, but we finally made it. 

After all this I was determined to buy something. We went around the stalls seeing the latest health crazes and tasting some healthy nibbles. There are also people that go there to take part in exercise classes. Good on them, but no matter how healthy I am you ain't gonna get me limbering up for the crowd. I did taste some fabulous cheeses which Mum loved too that were of the mature variety and I could have stood there all day eating them. I really can't remember their name sorry. 

After a while we stopped for a much needed coffee and a panini. I saw Amy Childs casually strolling past in her pink onesie, with rollers, fake tan and lashes to boot. She does look great and always makes makes me laugh when she is on TV. She can certainly rock a onesie.

I picked up this Amy Childs Nail Polish in the shade Star Struck from her range. This was £4.00 at the show, but it's usual price is £5.00 for 10ml or at the moment 2 for £8.50, Link. Amy's nail polishes are said to be non-chip and high gloss. This is a fantastically shimmery gold shade. I can't wait to try it and see if it lasts well. One of the girls at the counter said that this is very popular in Amy's salon and looks good over the shade Berry Beautiful which I think it would.

I found another stall which was really busy. I had to buy more than a nail polish after all this effort so this was my chance.

Tunic Tops In Coral, Blue, White & Dark Beige

I am not sure of the name of the stand this was on as I was too hot and bothered to pay attention by this point, but the tags say Sugar Babe Italy. Amazingly I managed to find these online so you can see the design better, Link. I am a bit annoyed as when I asked about the sizing as it was too busy to go through each top because hardly any had size tags the seller said you are a medium. He said take the ones without size tags because that's what they are. I put them against me briefly with my coat still on in the small mirror and thought for £10 each I am sure they will be okay. I have now tried them on at home and found that all of them are too big. Also they are different sizes. The Coral is a medium, the Blue is a large, the White is a large and the Dark Beige is a small. They are quite long too more like dresses on me, but I am determined to wear them as I can't exchange the size. They are quite see through so I think I will wear them over some bodycon dresses from H&M that I have with a long cardi so that they don't look so billowy.

Slash Neck Tops With Tie Backs In Dusky Pink, Pale Mint Green, Black & Beige

This is where they tie at the back

These were from the same stall, but the label says it's a brand called Zinka. I couldn't find a link for these tops I'm afraid. These came in many lengths and again the sizes were not labelled. I was told they were not made to a specific length etc. The sizes have been cut out so I have no idea what they are, but they all fit well even though they are not exactly the same. I had some woman trying to hassle Mum and I as she wanted one of the colours I had and was almost trying to literally take it from me. She followed me around the stall basically. I would have bought more of these in different shades, but the ones that were left were shorter and I needed some longer tops so I didn't get them. These were all £10 each also. In these photos the Dusky Pink looks more lilac and the Beige doesn't look as golden as it is in real life. I am really pleased I got these even though it was a job to do so.

We got these goodies for free. I have already had both coffees and given the biscuits to a friend.

These were more freebies. The Palmer's was a part of my ticket offer that I had to collect while there.

Anyway we left the show just wanting to get home. We went from bustling heat to the brisk cold once again. I had a tea at Mum's and my fella picked me about about 1/2 hour later. 

I have been to the Vitality Show a few times now and at first it was a novelty, but now it seems like a lot of the food stalls almost repeat themselves with a lot of the same type of products. I also think the foods can be quite expensive and for the average consumer it's just not affordable. I spoke to two women at the show who said they got their tickets for free. They weren't impressed this year either and went next door to the Ideal Home Show.

Did you attend the Vitality Show this year? How did you like it? Did you find any useful information or pick up any great products? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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