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Hi there cherubs. Today I have a wee post about caring for your hands. We use them a lot for many things every day so we should take care of them. I used to think my Mum was weird when I was younger because she always seemed to be applying hand cream, but now I realise why.

Left: Yes! Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula, From £4.99

Apply a pea-sized amount to clean, dry hands regularly before and after a shift. Massage well into the skin. 

As you can tell this is aimed at hard workers. I received this product in my April 2012 GlossyBox where you can find all of the information provided about this product. This tube has a flip top lid that is easy to open and close, yet secure. This was a nice hand cream to use. It has a creamy, not greasy formulation. I would say this hand cream would work well for the average consumer as well as those in jobs that require the particular need for hygiene ie. lots of hand washing. You can buy this on subscription or as a one off payment shown in the link above.

Right: Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream, £1.00 for 20ml

Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream with organic shea butter and organic almond protects and moisturises your hands. It absorbs into your skin leaving no oily residue and is suitable for the whole family. 

I received this product in my February 2012 JoileBox. I really do like the almond scent in this cream. It felt very smooth to apply, almost like silk. I know this is the sample size as shown in the link above for £1.00, but I don't really like lids you have to unscrew on hand creams as they have a tendency to jump away from me when I try to put them back on, ha ha. You can buy the 75ml version of this online for £4.45 from many websites and I believe that comes with a flip top tube. Just copy and paste the product name from this page into your search engine and you will see many sites pop up.

So which products and/or treatments do you use to take care of your hands? Scrubs, creams, massages, nail treatments? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all 


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