Body Beauty: Bathe, Scent & Moisturise

Ello, ello all. Welcome back to Beautiful Addictions. Today I have three reviews for you of products for the body.

Left: Morrisons Creme Bath Orchid White 

Pour under warm running water to create a bath full of bubbles. Use within 24 months of opening.

I have already reviewed the shower creme of this range here. This has the same baby soft type of scent as that. It's very clean and pure. I believe this was less than £1.00 for 1 litre. Myself and my fella both use this and it has lasted us ages. It's good to know it's guy friendly too so it saves buying two separate bottles if you share. This actually produces a good amount of bubbles too. I have already bought another one of these and will do so again.

Centre: Revlon Charlie Red Perfumed Body Fragrance, Currently 84p for 75ml

Hold can 15cm from the body and spray.

My Mum bought me this in a set of four sprays for my birthday, Link. Mine is a 50ml can, but you can purchase the 75ml size from Superdrug shown in the link above. I usually wear body spray rather than perfume if I am just at home for the day so it's always good to try new ones. I remember being given a Charlie perfume when I was very young and I'm sure it featured some red in the design so I didn't have very high hopes for this one as I found the perfume too old for me. I know I am much older now, but that memory still made me feel like this may be a more mature scent. I was however nicely surprised as the mix of flowers and spicy fruits are pleasing. It's not expensive so if it's not for you it shouldn't be too much of a disappointment. 

Right: Keep Clean And Moisturise Luxury Body Lotion Pomegranate Noir, 99p for 250ml

Pump into hands and lather over your body.

I picked up this range in the 99p Stores, Link. I described this scent in that post as a 'very light scent that is soft, yet a little musky at the same time'. I would still have to agree with that. It's very creamy and a thick formula that feels great on the skin. More of a body butter than a lotion I would say. The cream itself I love, but the packaging doesn't work so well. I am not very good usually at getting these pump designs initially to pop up ready for use so the fella was called in and sorted it. About a third of the way into the bottle the cream seemed almost too thick to pass up the tube. I had to keep unscrewing the pump, swirling the cream around and using it from there. Eventually I went to the swirl and scoop method to get the product out as the pumps dispenser fell off. I could put it back on, but it just seemed easier to do it this way. Overall I still really like the cream. If you can find another pump to fit the bottle that might work better then this would be fab. I may just have a dodgy one, but I have the other scents to try and will let you know.

I have tried a few of Morrisions beauty products now, but which ones do you recommend? Have you got a favourite body fragrance that you think I might like? Have you found any bargains in the 99p Stores? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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