Make-Up For The Eyes 2013 Favourites

Hi there cherubs. How are you doing today? I am sure bored of this rain now, but hey ho there are worse things than bad weather right? I have the second part of my 2013 make-up favourites for you today. This post is focused on eye make-up.

I have used the E.L.F. sheer eye primer for so long because it works so well as a base for eyeshadow to cling to and last longer on the eyes. It works as good as if not better in my opinion than the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have linked here an E.L.F. haul including swatches where I purchased both of these E.L.F. primers. The thinner tube is the regular sheer which is a bargain at just £1.50. It also comes in shades of Champagne, Pearl & Golden. The thicker tube shown in this photo and also linked in my E.L.F. haul I purchased at the time as part of a trio including Nude, Pearl & Champagne. My nude tube however says sheer? To me they work the same and I will just continue to buy the sheer thinner tube. To view my comparison post testing out the E.L.F. Eyelid Primer in sheer alongside the Urban Decay Primer Potion please see this link!

For a full review on this mascara please check out this post! This is the mascara I am currently using. The formula still works fantastically. It lengthens, separates, volumises and adds a very black pigment to my lashes.

This eyeliner is the first I always go to for a simple kohl liner look. This is a twist up pen that is rounded rather than pointed at the end so unless you are using in the waterline this will give you a smudgy rather than precise liner look. The pigmentation is very black, but the more it is smudged out it gives a slightly less harsh appearance. For a quick no fuss defined eye I recommend this product. I sometimes just add a little on the outer corners of my eyes to make them look more wing shaped. This is also a bargain at £3.00.

Primark Eye Liner Pen Black

In this November Outfit Post you can see my make-up close up where I have used this pen. This is so black and has a great pointed nib for easy of control. A great tool for precision eye liner looks. This was £1.50 so great value for money.

This product does make a difference to my mascara. It definitely acts as a base for the mascara to cling to and thickens the lashes before my regular mascara is applied. The formula is white and almost creamy, but covers easily when regular mascara is applied over the top. I will repurchase this when this one runs out. At £3.75 you can't go wrong.

I received these curlers in my August GlossyBox. I was hesitant to include these in this post because I am not sure that they are that easy to get hold of. They do make such a difference to my lashes though so I have to tell you why. These are really easy to hold and I have never pinched my eyes with them. That being said I am very careful and take my time when using them as I don't fancy ripping any lashes or layers of skin off. I squeeze my lashes in them them a few times at the lash root, then move up half way and do the same and finally the same near the end of the lashes. I coat my lashes with my mascara primer, then regular mascara and I am left with wide open eyes that are long, thick, separated, curled and very black. Perfect!

So that's today's post. I have another post on my favourite eye palettes coming up so keep an eye out for that. Let me know what have been your favourite eye products in 2013 in the comments below.

Love to you all

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