Yayer Wishlist

Hi there again folks. I am back today as I have stumbled across the fashion website Yayer and just have to share with you my wishlist items from their website.

As you can see I have picked all cover ups here. With the weather being so erratic of late I chose items that can be worn to keep out the winter chill while you still look super cool.

All three are something I would have worn growing up and still would today. I think these styles are real keepers that can be worn again and again. I love the casual, laid back look of the first two longer pieces. The monochrome last piece will work with many outfits too.

Check out their full range at yayer.com

Have you purchased any pieces from Yayer? If yes, link me up to your outfit posts. If no, what would you add to your wishlist from Yayer? Let me know in the comments below.

Images not my own.

Love to you all


  1. Loving the cardigans! They can make an outfit come together nicely. :))


  2. Hi Vicky,
    I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    You can find more details on my blog: http://notcentralfashion.com/2014/01/20/dearest/

    I hope you can carry on the award,
    Sophie X

    1. Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for the nomination. I have been awarded the Liebster previously, but the questions were a bit different so I will do an updated version asap.

      I have followed your blog too.

      Vicky x


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