Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream Review

Hi there beauties. I hope you are all doing well this Monday and are not too sad now that the weekend has passed. I have this week off as I always try to on my birthday week. I plan on taking some time to make changes to my blog and play around with my new camera :)

As you can see from the post title this is a review of the Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream

Product information and claims:


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A natural, DHA-free formula that moisturises the skin and gives it a beautiful bronzed glow. A self tan like no-other. The formula feels, smells and moisturises like a body lotion with the added benefit of imparting a natural-looking tan.

It features Erythrulose, an innovative, natural bronzing agent derived from sugar cane which results in an even, streak-free tan with a vanilla flower and sweet orange water scent.

Free from DHA, which can lead to an orange-tinted shade, uneven coverage, and an unpleasant smell as well as leave the skin more vulnerable to free radicals, the Melvita ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel Cream gives a gradual, controlled and even tan. 

Gone is the exhaustive ‘self-tan ritual’ donning gloves and smoothing on foams in long strokes. Using a combination of safflower, buriti, coconut oils and beeswax the tanning cream moisturises the skin without the need for protective gloves or application pads.

The ProSun Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-Cream is certified organic by EcoCert and is dermatologically tested and approved. It is non-greasy and perfect for all skin types.

My thoughts and application:

Feeling nervous yet excited about using this product was expected. I don't often use fake tan products as I am very pale and fear that I will end up looking tangoed or even worse tangoed and streaky. Not a good look I think we can all agree. I have previously had spray tans applied professionally as well as trying out creams, mousses and sprays at home. I do like to dabble now and then when I am feeling way too pasty, but usually it's such a ritual to exfoliate and shave the day before. Remember to not moisturise or apply deodorant/perfume before application, except for a little moisture cream on areas such as ankles, knees and elbows. Then standing around for at least an hour to let it sink in and usually sleeping with a deep guide colour overnight before washing it off the next day. My boyfriend hates it when I fake tan as he can't stand the smell and thinks it looks too unnatural. I thought this would be a good product to try without telling him as it's gradual and would hopefully look natural without the biscuity, curry pong.


 In the evening I had a bath, shaving and exfoliating my body. I decided to apply a face mask and read a mag to let my pores close a little from shaving in case I ended up with dark spots on my legs where the tan had sunk in. I have never applied tan the same day as my prep and as this is a moisturiser as well as a lotion I did not use a regular moisturiser on my ankles, knees and elbows prior to application.

Because it was my first application I wanted to be careful. I stood on a towel in the bathroom with a full length mirror so that I would ensure to not miss any areas. I also wore a headband and tied my hair up so that no hair would be coloured.

The cream is yellow and when applying it from the tube it applies just like any moisturiser cream. I wouldn't say it felt like a gel cream as described. More like a lotion to be honest. On my skin it looked pale yellow/white. Although there wasn't any tan guide colour the cream was visible enough to see on the skin so no areas were missed. It's just like the type of body cream that really needs to be worked into the skin and doesn't sink in straight away. Something I usually hate, but in this instance an advantage.

I started at my feet and worked my way up my legs, ensuring to bend the knees at one point to avoid the white knee crease. I then did my bottom, hips, sides, tummy, chest, neck, face (avoiding eyebrows, eyes and lips), ears, arms (again bending elbows in and out to avoid tan crease or missed bits) and finally hands. With the hands I went straight over the tops using each hand to apply on the other, then made claw shapes and rubbed it in to avoid creases in the knuckles. Then I slid my fingers between both hands so that there were no lines at the sides of my fingers. I have been there and done that with these mistakes believe me. Finally I used face wipes to clean toe and finger nails, the tan bottle, the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. It does say to wash your hands, but then I don't see how you will get a nicely blended tan from your arms to your fingertips.

I did have some time so I wrapped myself in an old, thin dressing gown so that I didn't sweat it off and continued to read my magazine. The tan did feel a little tacky and warming on my skin, but after about an hour I felt comfortable enough to put on my PJ's and continue as normal. There was no obvious colour change at this stage. I did find the vanilla in this product on my first application way too sickly, but then I am not a massive fan of vanilla.


After showering I applied the tan in the same manner and I did feel like I was starting to get a slight glow, but more like healthy glowing skin than a light tan. The vanilla scent had started to fade slightly and unfortunately the biscuity curry scent had started to arrive.


I applied it again in the same way. I got dressed this time about half an hour after applying as we were going out. There was absolutely no colour transfer on to my clothes or bedding from this product. Today was the day when I felt like I definitely had a natural looking, light tan. The biscuity curry scent was much more evident on this day. That evening my fella asked me what I smelt of while turning his nose up. I could see that he had noticed the colour change in my skin by now too.


Monday's and Friday's are the days when I would normally exfoliate my face and body anyway so that I start both the working week and weekend feeling fresh and renewed. I must say that I am looking forward to taking my tan off for the reason of nothing more than the smell. I know that the product is DHA free and claims not to have a terrible smell, but unfortunately for me that was not the case. I am really gutted as I love this product in every other way. Here is my pro and con list for those considering trying this product:


Easy to apply as cream is visible until rubbed in thoroughly.

Acts as a moisturiser so a 2-in-1 product.

No need for 2 tanning products as works on both face and body.

No patches or streaking.

No defined tan lines where tan ends and natural skin begins (palms of hands).

Natural shade.

Buildable daily so not obviously fake as it's light in tone.

Perfect for fair skins like mine.

No dots in leg pores after shaving or in pores of face.

Can be applied soon after shaving and exfoliating rather than the next day like some tans advise.

Does not transfer on to clothes (other than slightly around neck of dressing gown when 1st applied).

Lovely glow on the skin remains even after showering and using face wash each day.

Great for 1st time tanners.

Even after washing hands from cleaning, cooking and using the loo the fade is very natural along my hands. So no dark arms and white hands. Obvious fake tan signs!


Fake tan smell was present and stronger on 3rd day of application.

Final thought:

If it wasn't for the scent I would totally purchase this product myself as I think it's fail safe in application and looks so natural. I have applied this liberally to my face and body for three days and I would say I have about half left of this 150ml tube. So that's a £22.00 product that should last me about 6 applications. That's about £3.60 per application or about £11.00 to get to the level of tan I want after 3 days of application. If I were to use this again I would plan the days ahead to build up to this.

I do feel that if I had applied it again today that it might have looked less natural. This is why I have now exfoliated and although the tan is less obvious I am still left with a more golden tone than my usual pasty white. There are areas where then tan has come off more than others, but it's much less obvious than other tanners I have previously removed.

If the usual fake tan scent does not bother you then I would give this product a try as I am sure you will love it!

The Melvita range is available from, selected John Lewis stores and, Wholefoods stores, BeautyMART at Harvey Nichols and

Have you tried any other products from the Melvita range? If yes, what are your thoughts on them? Also what are your favourite gradual tanners? Do they have the typical fake tan smell? Let me know in the comments below.

Product sent to me for free to review.

Love to you all


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