Hi sweeties. I am back today with an airbrush make-up review for you. Yes you heard me right airbrush make-up and HD none the less.

All of the above photos have not been edited so are true in colour and tone.

Currently includes a free Perfecting Primer worth £27.50! Other items in my kit were the Airbrush Thinner & Cleaner, Foundation in Light Medium FO02 & Medium FO03, Blush in BL02 Peach and a Mini Eye Shadow Palette.

Includes a light up mirror unit with compressor, mixing tray for foundations if using a brush, nozzle tool, airbrush nozzle, retractable hose, power plug, airbrush and product cup (shown below).

So now that I have shown you the results and the kit what do I think about the system? I was excited at trying a new way to apply my make-up, but a little nervous that I may end up spraying the floors and or walls of my house with make-up which is why I laid towels on my kitchen/diner floor to try this out. I however had no need to worry as the mist of make-up that is dispersed does not spray everywhere and is only released when you pull back on the green lever, even when the system is turned on. The make-up does not run once sprayed to your skin.

The Perfecting Primer feels lovely on the skin. Very silky and a good base for the product to cling to.

Once I had put all the parts together and emptied some foundation into the cup I could not get any product out. After adding more foundation to the cup and some thinner in case the foundation was too thick for the airbrush which it didn't look to be it still didn't work. I then tried tightening the nozzle (red part) more with the nozzle tool and the product started to come out. So as not to make the same mistake as me tighten the nozzle with your fingers, then give a half turn using the nozzle tool to allow the correct airflow through the airbrush. I applied the lightest shade of foundation all over my face and neck, paying extra attention to blemishes which you can move the airbrush a little closer for, but not too close or you will end up with obvious patches like I did. They were easily sorted though as I pressed a tissue over the area or just used my fingers to blend and went over the area again not so closely.

The darker foundation I used to contour my face. I simply sprayed out most of the previous foundation left in the cup onto a tissue and added the darker foundation to the little bit that was left to hopefully give a more seamless effect to my base and no obvious contrast, just definition. I think the foundation gives a matte slightly powdery finish once it has dried. It looks great in photos, but in real life I thought it looked like I was wearing more of a heavy base than I usually do. My boyfriend didn't think it looked that natural. I think the tones of foundation were okay to create a base and contour for me, but perhaps a little too dark and yellow toned. Not the worst match for my skin tone though.

Again I sprayed most of the remaining foundation out and applied the blush.

The eye palette I applied with my own make-up brushes:

white on my brow bones
gold to the inner corners and inner lids
purple in the crease, outer v and under the eyes
pink in the crease
blue on the outer v
grey in the crease, outer v and under the eyes

The mascara and lip gloss in this look are my own.

There was no need for me to use concealer with this make-up due to the medium/high coverage. Therefore this system I would perhaps recommend for those with rosacea or acne. The effect of this foundation was seamless not patchy as long as I did not get too close while working in circular motions.

Once you have this airbrush set up and working it's kind of fun to apply make-up in this way. I know I have been applying make-up differently for years, but for me I think it would take me too long to apply make-up like this though on a daily basis. 

Although the unit is not obviously noisy I apply make-up for work at about 6am so I know my boyfriend wouldn't appreciate me using this first thing. 

The lid on the product cup was quite tight so that made filling it with product a bit difficult to do trying to get it on and off, especially as there is a little hole in it that is meant to be there. 

The cleaning of the equipment was a bit hard to do because some of the parts are small and/or hard to reach and you don't want to cause damage to the more delicate parts of equipment. As you wouldn't want to leave make-up to dry in it I know I would get fed up of doing that every time I used it. 

Spraying the product on my skin was not an unpleasant experience though at all. It did not irritate my eyes (make sure you close your eyes when spraying close to them) and I did not feel like I was breathing in product through my nose or mouth.

I am very glad to have been able to borrow this system and experience using these products. If you love trying new things and being creative with make-up then maybe this innovative way of applying make-up is for you.

Find the kit here for more information as it is currently on offer for a limited time! Choose 3 make-up products to be included in your personalised kit from 7 shades of foundation, 2 blush shades or a bronzer.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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