Hi lovelies. I hope your weekend has been fab as always. Mine has been okay until yesterday when I had a disaster that I won't go into because I am still upset about it now. Anyway moving on to today's post. I have a review of a face mask that was sent to me to test out for you.

Apple stem cells act in a very similar way to human skin cells helping to repair damaged tissue. Marine collagen helps to promote suppleness and elasticity reducing dehydration and visible signs of ageing, instead giving a plumping and softening effect. Suitable for all skin types.

This mask was very refreshing. After use my skin felt conditioned, hydrated and as if the moisture had been locked in. 

The mask seemed a bit big for me going over my hairline and stuck out a little on my chin. The eye parts were cut out, but still partly attached which wasn't an issue when using the mask, but I did wonder why they needed to be there. I have used this type of mask before and although it suggests to apply first to the chin and form around the face I prefer to align it around my eye areas first to ensure no product gets in my eyes. The mask is for single use and comes with a mesh backing that you simply peel away before applying. 

It is advised to use it for 15-20 mins 3-4 times per week for the best results. Once my 20 mins was up I peeled it off and discarded it. The excess serum left in the pack I applied to my face and neck for a few minutes more so as not to waste any product. There was no apple scent that was obvious to me anyway.

I think this product worked well in what it set out to achieve. My skin felt nourished and pampered with a definite hydration boost. I do think the weird eye parts and the fit of the mask could be a little better, but I guess everyone has different face shapes and sizes.

I have a few more masks from the Timeless Truth range to test out for you so look out for those soon.

Let me know your favourite type of face masks in the comments below with reasons why.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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