Hi lovelies it's good to know you are here. I have 4 product mini reviews for you all for your body.

I received this product in my March Beauty Blossom GlossyBox where you can find full product information. This was not a heavy cream and did absorb into the skin easily. The scent I like, but don't love.


I think I picked this up in a 99p Store in the hope that I might be lucky to find a product similar to the Sally Hansen airbrush legs product that so many people like, but I have not tried. As expected however I didn't like the look of the shade. I tested a patch on my leg and it looked like a yellowy orange tone. At least it wasn't expensive though. This does however come in a shade of medium/deep so perhaps that's a better tone for those with a darker complexion.

This was another Impulse body spray that I loved. I picked this up in the 99p Store, but it's currently reduced to 98p at Superdrug in the link above. It's a soft floral scent with an uplifting fruitiness of green apple and raspberry.

I was very kindly sent 2 of these cans by Impulse to try and I am still using it. Sometimes I find vanilla scented products a bit too sweet for my taste. This is a little too sweet when I first spray it. Think like creamy butter icing. However once it settles on my skin it changes into a more musky, feminine scent that is not overpowering. This is also reduced to 98p at Superdrug at the moment.

I hope you have enjoyed these body product reviews. Any body cream, tanning or fragrance recommendations please leave in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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