Hi everyone. I am back again today with a hair care review from a brand that is new to me FAITH IN NATURE


Both products are suitable for all hair types with certified organic ingredients, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Pomegranate and Rooibos are natural antioxidants packed with nutrients that are great for cleansing your hair and skin. I chose this shampoo which was also kindly sent to me with a matching conditioner because I like the idea of something cleansing and natural to really nourish my hair and scalp. 

The scent of these products is natural and refreshing, but not in a peppermint zingy kind of way. 

The shampoo I applied to wet hair massaging it in to remove product build up and applied again to clean my scalp followed by rinsing. I always do this two step process to ensure my hair and scalp are clean and free from product. I then applied the conditioner from mid lengths to ends, leaving it on for a few minutes while I exfoliate, wash, shave or whatever in the shower for a deeper treatment followed my rinsing.

I found this shampoo to be quite strengthening and thickening. It adds density to the hair strands which suprised me as when washing my hair felt so squeaky clean I thought it would end up perhaps flatter without product. The conditioner worked well as a partner to the shampoo.

I would recommend the shampoo to those who want a thickening, cleansing and strengthening shampoo. The conditioner is nice if you want a matching set perhaps for scent, but I would say it's not as essential as the shampoo.

These products are very affordable in these 400ml sizes I have, but they are also available in massive 5 litre options.

I found it very difficult choosing which product I wanted to try from the shampoo range as there are so many fantastic options for different hair types.

As well as hair care FAITH IN NATURE also have lots of products for body care, skin care, baby care, home care and gifts.

Have you tried products from FAITH IN NATURE? Let me know your favourites or which ones you want to try in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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