Hi sweeties. I have two product reviews rolled into one post here so I hope you enjoy :)

My Mum gave me this sample and I finally got around to using it. The aim of this product is to exfoliate, polish and smooth out the complexion, while also removing dirt and oil for a clean feeling.

In the shower I massaged this into my wet face twice a week. Now I have to say that had this not been given to me I wouldn't have picked it up. I am not a fan of the Burt's Bees products I have tried so far because of the scent. This product was no exception, but I will say it did work. The scent I only noticed on application so I persevered and I was pleasantly surprised. My skin felt so clean and renewed. Definitely smooth and polished. This is currently at a reduced price on the Feelunique website linked above.

I think I picked this up in the 99p Store. I am such a fan of Impulse body fragrances as they are compact, but last for ages. There is such a wide selection of scents for every mood. The click and twist lid is perfect for travel and they are so affordable. This scent is amazing and I would certainly buy it again. It's fruity, soft, floral and woody all at the same time. A perfectly uplifting and calming scent that makes me feel balanced, clean and fresh. This is currently 98p from Superdrug linked above.

I would love to know your favourite face scrubs and body fragrances in the comments below with reasons why.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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