Hey lovelies Happy Sunday! Where did this week go huh? I have two Vaseline body moisturisers to review for you.

I received this product in my FEBRUARY 2014 BACK TO BASICS GLOSSYBOX where you can find product information and my first impressions. This I would describe as a very neutral body lotion and by that I mean I don't think that anyone would find it unusable. The scent is very creamy like a baby skincare product. I love that type of smell. As a moisturiser it worked really well leaving my skin soft, smooth and feeling nourished. I hate applying body moisturisers usually because I don't like that tacky feeling waiting for it to sink before I can get dressed. This lotion however has a non-greasy formula that absorbed into the skin very quickly. This is currently reduced at Boots.

I received this product in my MAY 2014 SUMMER BEAUTY EDIT WITH SUPERDRUG GLOSSYBOX where you can also see my first impressions and product information. This also absorbs into the skin so quickly and is easy to spray on those hard to reach areas. The click and twist top means the product is secure and no lost lids. This really is a non-greasy non-sticky product. The scent is absolutely lush. I really enjoyed moisturising my body with this as it was fast, reliable and gorgeous. This would be my favourite of these two products purely for the reasons just mentioned. This is also currently reduced at Boots.

These both leave the skin moisturised, hydrated, nourished, soft and smooth. It just depends on which product application is your preference.

Let me know your favourite body moisturising products with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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