Hi everyone. I know it's Monday, but chin up cherubs. I have two products to talk about today for your nails.


I was given a few pots of these nail polish remover wipes one year at Xmas and I had forgotten I had them. Rediscovering these beauties has made nail polish removal less of a task. They are so quick to use compared to tipping polish remover onto a cotton pad and I do use less pads even with bold reds that I find spread everywhere when removing. These wipes do not stop the polish spreading, but the formula which feels like it has a slightly oil base means this method is easy, quick and almost conditioning. I find the scent of them quite addictive too. The handy pot they come in would be perfect for travel as they are a 2 in 1 compact product with no spillage disasters. I could not tell you if these are still available, but if they are I would definitely recommend.

I usually use the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray if I am not painting on a top coat, but I was in Poundland one day and thought for £1.00 this would be worth a try. First off let me say that although not totally unpleasant the scent of this product is pretty potent. The mist from the spray spreads quite a bit too so either be near a window or go outside to use this. So does it work? My nails are less tacky than before using it, but not completely dry. This spray says it's suitable for most types of nail varnish so I am not sure what types they are? I have used this on many brands, but the result is always the same. Within a day or two the chipping starts. Although generally speaking I think most varnish top coats will make your polish last longer than a nail drying spray, but I definitely would recommend the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray over this. I have reviewed that product here.

If you have any favourite nail polish top coats, bases, setting sprays or anything else then let me know with reasons why in the comments below. Also if you have any tips for yellow stained nails let me know that too as I always wear a base coat or leave my nails without any polish at all for weeks on end and they are still yellow :(

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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