Hi my lovelies. How are you all on this drizzly Sunday? Snug and warm indoors I hope. 

Today I have a photo filled post for you featuring lots of fab fashion and beauty brands. I attended Day 3 of the Bloggers Love Hub at the Kanaloa club on Monday evening. I unfortunately missed Day 2, but you can view my post on Day 1 here! Without anymore rambling here are the fab brands :)

I couldn't help but stand up from my VIB front row seat when I saw these exquisite designs from KOYAWO. They moved beautifully.

COLOUR CHASE COSMETICS are a cruelty free and paraben free cosmetic brand with a very exciting line of matte lipsticks with a creamy, non-drying formula. There is also an ultra rich pigment line which can be used as eye shadows, liner and I suppose just about anything else. The thing that drew me to this brand the most is the variation of shades. There are some real colour pops as well as more muted tones. I have been very luckily gifted with two of their lipstick shades so let me know if you would like a review of those.

GOLD COLLAGEN is a sugar-free liquid beauty supplement that nourishes skin from the inside out targeting the visible signs of ageing. One shot is 20 times more effective than applying a collagen skin cream or taking a collagen pill. As we age skin becomes dull and less elastic. Collagen plays a major part in keeping skin supple, smooth and youthful. Dehydrated skin looks less plumped and vibrant. This is when fine lines and wrinkles start to appear or deepen if already visible. This product claims to reach the dermis deeper layer of the skin producing more collagen and hyaluronic acid to fight against the ageing process. It is recommended to drink 1 bottle each day for at least 4 weeks, but preferably 8 weeks or more for the best results. So for healthy skin, hair and nails will you be trying out this peach and passion fruit flavoured tipple? I have one bottle which I think is worth a shot ;)

SLENDERTONE are a brand that I was happy to see there. With a variety of appliances to tone those parts that need some help firming up they are a popular brand. I have a Slendertone Abs belt of my own and I really do think that when added to a healthy diet I do feel more toned and firm in my abdominal area. I was very kindly offered the opportunity to review a product of my choice and so I chose the Face toner. After I feel I have had enough time to see a difference (12 weeks scientifically proven results) I will post my review so keep an eye out for that!

SNIFFY WIFFY are a skincare brand that aims to take care of your skin and remind you to check yourself. Yep you didn't read that wrong. Sniffy Wiffy have a collection of handmade body products labelled with simple guides for checking your bits and bobs (that's breasts and testes ladies and gents). This way we can all SNIFF out Cancer at the earliest stages. With every purchase a donation is made to charity too. I myself check my breasts every month. So get checking while you get pampering ;) I was gifted with four scents of hand cream which I will of course review for you.

HIFAS DA TERRA are a mushroom based line of products. That sounded a little strange to me at first, but let me tell you that if they have me interested (which I am) and I don't eat mushrooms ever there must be something to them. There are so many mushroom types with a host of benefits for you inside and out and your pets. Yeah I know crazy right. So what types of products does this brand offer? Raw mushrooms and spices for cooking, honey blends and chocolate. Supplements including ones to fight infection, immunity balance and digestion as well as capsules for pets and syrup for children. Plus skincare and a massage range. Phew I think they have it covered for all the family. I have been gifted with some serum samples as well as the facial soap shown above. As I have IBS issues which some of you may know I have been asked to follow up and speak with this brand to discuss which products would be most beneficial for me and I believe review for you.

ZUZKA NATURAL BEAUTY cover skincare for both men and women as well as body care, hair care and 100% pure mineral make-up. The scent of their products are absolutely amazing all handmade from organic herbs, plants and flowers. Free from harsh properties and cruelty free they have advanced skincare for all skin types. Susan Kohutova is a qualified beauty specialist and registered medical herbalist with over 20 years experience as a consultant and therapist. Susan herself previously suffered with extremely sensitive, allergy prone skin and so decided to develop her own range free of the main skin irritants. These therapeutic formula's are designed to nourish and care for your skin while pampering you with their herbal aromas. I truly felt like I could drift to sleep while sniffing away at these products. The formula's felt lovely. I have been gifted with the Organic Precious Oil and Manuka Balm so I will of course review those too :)

BOW BOUTIQUE have a fantastic celebrity inspired on trend fashion and accessory line including bodycon, sexy designs for girls who like clubbing as well as fashion wear for an evening meal or event.

MIFANI are what I like to think of as shoe candy. Choose embellishments to rock your current footwear or purchase Mifani's own custom designs. It's customising made easy for fashionista's who like to change things up.

MATTHEW CALVIN is the designer and producer behind this stylish and contemporary jewellery line. Made from quality hand crafted materials this range with it's clean, simple lines has a very modern edge. If you would like to have a truly unique experience at Matthew Calvin you can take part in the bespoke service which includes engravings, reconditioning or replicating old jewellery, custom designs and full day design and production experiences. I love the purity and sustainability that Matthew Calvin offers. These pieces are meant for keeps!

SUMAYAH DERIA have a line or elegant, modern evening and event wear. There are lovely applique designs as well as sequined pieces in this range which boasts rich jewel tones and more muted shades. The brand tee is a great every day piece that could easily be mixed and matched with a blazer and jeans or a high waisted skirt and blanket scarf for example.

 Hair care and styling brand UMBERTO GIANNINI and CHARCOAL-SPA were also in attendance, but I did not unfortunately get to speak with them. I did meet Charcoal-Spa at BLOGGERS LOVE HUB DAY 1 however if you would like more information about this skincare brand as well as the skincare brand NDULGE who also attended Day 3.

To go forward in time here is Day 4 of the Bloggers Love Hub. I missed Day 2, sorry lovelies.

Let me know your favourite pieces and/or brands from this post in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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