Hello sweeties. I am back again today with a skincare review post of 2 DHC products that were sent to me to test for you.

As we age pores become enlarged making skin appear dull and uneven. To help minimise the appearance of pores cult Japanese brand DHC have added to their successful pore series range these 2 cleansers leaving the skin feeling clean, healthy and refreshed.

This cleansing oil removes make-up, dirt and excess sebum (oil) unclogging pores to make them less visible. This pumps out easily as a clear liquid. One pump covers my entire face and neck. I massaged it in with dry hands onto dry skin before showering it off.

You only need to use a small amount of the product from this tube for a full on soapy lather. It is said to feature 2 gentle exfoliants, but don't worry as there are no granules in the formula. I applied this after the cleansing oil. I really liked how it thoroughly cleansed my face and neck. Do be careful not to sniff with it near your nose though as it did feel a bit tingly and uncomfortable the first time I did just that, but I was just more careful when using there after.

Overall I really like this skincare combo. I fully admit that I do not have particularly enlarged pores, but I wanted to try these for their other benefits. Each time after use my face and neck felt thoroughly cleansed, free from dirt and make-up. I have dry skin by nature, but these did not leave my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. The face wash does however have an effect of almost firming the skin so its smooth and taut, but still supple. This is why I believe anyone with enlarged pores would benefit from this pair. My only bad point I guess is that my eye make-up I had to remove separately. The packaging I think is a really nice change from the white most skincare brands tend to use with its baby blue hue.

To view the whole DHC pore range check this link!

Let me know your favourite DHC skincare products with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


  1. Ahhh i love a product that remove all my makeup including my eye makeup too. sound good to be honest


    1. Yeah a separate eye make-up remover is needed, but I still love the products for removing all dirt and make-up from the face and neck.


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