Hey sweets. Happy Sunday to you all. Where did this week go? I have no idea. 

I have recently been sent some nail polishes to try that are free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin. Perfect for cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty lovers. HJ MANICURE has been created by model/session manicurist Helen J. 

So what do these products promise? A glossy, professional formula that is fast drying, highly pigmented and long lasting with a smooth application while reinforcing and protecting the natural nail. 

There are 4 collections aptly named HOLIDAY, CLASSIC, HJ SIGNATURE & NUDE. In the core range there are 16 vivid colours as well as 4 new shades and a Dual Top & Base coat.


Coco is described as a brown/pink shade. I would say it's a brown based nude with a pink undertone. It looks a deeper shade than the camera was picking up here, but not as dark as shown on the HJ website linked above. This is a great everyday shade for any occasion. Very wearable.

Midnight Sky is from the A/W Shimmer Collection. This is the signature navy blue shade at HJ MANICURE. It is a gorgeous deep blue with a fantastic, glossy shimmer.

I applied both of these shades at the same time to alternate nails for an effective contrast of subtle and deep shimmer.

It's advised to apply the Dual Top & Base coat first, followed by two coats of your chosen shade and finally the dual product once again. I did not have this dual HJ product so instead I used my own dual top and base coat.

These are very opaque and pigmented polishes that apply easily with a not too thick brush that covers the nails beds with the perfect amount of product. They both have a lovely finish. The shade Midnight Sky was a lot more glossy because of the shimmer effect. They did dry very quickly with a smooth application. I like the fuss free packaging that looks polished in itself and would sit well on display in any nail polish collection.

My only negative is that they did not last more than 2 days for me before chipping. I can not say if the HJ MANICURE Top & Base coat or another such like product would have kept the polish on for longer, but I have had other polishes last longer using my own dual top & base coat.

Let me know your favourite shades from the HJ MANICURE COLLECTION in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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