Beauty UK Gel Eyeliner/Eye Shadow Palettes

Hello my little lovelies. I hope you're having a good day? I wanted to show you a couple of recent purchases of mine from the Beauty UK range at Superdrug. I bought these gel eyeliner/eye shadow  palettes for £3.99 each which I think is fantastic value.

This palette is No 1 with 2 gel eyeliners and 6 eye shadows.


Here are some swatches as you see them in the palette.

I was a little disappointed by the pigmentation of the gel eyeliners on the left, especially the black. I think it looks a bit washed out. Not what I would call a true black at all. I do think however that the colours and pigmentation of the eye shadows are amazing. They are not wishy-washy at all. I can't wait to try the matte and metallic blues and the pink. The next palette is a lot more neutral and less scary if you are not into brights. 

This palette is No 2 with 2 gel eyeliners and 6 eye shadows.

Again the swatches below are as you see them in the palette.


I much prefer the pigmentation of this brown gel eyeliner. It is not too harsh, but has enough colour to give a defined line. These eye shadows are amazing for how much you pay. Both the middle colours would look great on a hot summer night I think, either together or alone with some jet black liquid eyeliner.

I also have these palettes without the eyeliners: 

No 1 No 2 No 4 & No 5

My No 4 palette has different colours to what is shown on Superdrug's website? Mine is a very neutral brown, grey, white and black palette unlike this ?????

My No 5 palette includes white, greys, blues and blacks which I can not find at all on Superdrug's website?

All palettes with eye shadows only all cost £3.99 each.

Obviously i can't comment yet on the gel eyeliners as I haven't tested them out properly, but from my own experience of using my other Beauty UK eye shadows I can safely say I love those. They last well with eye primer and have really high pigmentation. For £3.99 each I really can not fault them.

Have you tried any Beauty UK products? Can you recommend any to me?

Love to you all


  1. The first palette is amazing! i don't suit bright colours but i wish i did, i'd snap them all up in an instant! x

  2. @Temporary:Secretary - Oh that's a shame. I love brights, but I do have my dark or plain days too. You have me curious now. I want to try a bright eye on you, haa haa xx

  3. I think these look fantastic, they would be amaziing for travel. I need to get one!


  4. @Dreams That Glitter xoxo - They are so handy xx

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