Sanctuary Sadness

Hello my lovelies. I hope you have all been having a great weekend? I went to our local Chinese last night with my boyfriend as it was our nine year anniversary. The food was great, but the wine not so much. That's okay though as I am hangover free this morning, yippee!

Now on to the subject of today's post. I have been loving the Sanctuary range for years, especially the orange coloured products which have a very pleasant smell. I have used products such as the Body Scrub, Salt Scrub, Body Lotion, Creamy Body Wash, Body Wash and Body Moisture Spray.

I have to say that the Body Moisture Spray is a favourite product of mine. As the product suggests it is a spray that gives a dusting of silky moisture to your skin. Just enough product comes out. Perfect for a quick application if you're in a hurry or just a little lazy like me. I'm not sure how this product would work with fake-tanned skin though as I have the feeling it may not mix well, possibly causing streaks due to it's slightly oily consistency.

My disappointment came when I realised that for some reason I appear to now be allergic to the Body Lotion. A few days ago I applied it to my whole body after a nice bath as usual and it felt like I was on fire for about an hour. I didn't come out in a rash, but my skin felt so hot and uncomfortable that I won't be using this product again. I'm not sure at all why this has happened, but it is a shame as I had quite a lot of this product to use up where I had bought it on a 3 for 2 at Boots. I am happy to pass these on to my Mum now though. At least I know they will be used.

I found the 3rd bottle at my boyfriend's house so Mum can have that too. Ingredients in this product include ginger root extract, jojoba and pro-vitamin B5. Have you yourself ever experienced anything like this? It doesn't have to be a reaction to this product in particular, but the type of reaction I have had?

I have been using these products for so long and was thinking of what new products to try, but now I definitely will. Any suggestions?

Love to you all


  1. It sounds like you possibly had a reaction to something...was the bath product your usual one? It is strange that you didn't come out in a rash though, usually things that go on the skin that we are allergic to would produce a rash / hives.

    Sometimes, we use a product for ages and get along really well with it and all of a sudden develop a reaction, in fact my dermatologist said that the longer you use a product the more likely that will happen, long-term exposure to an irritating substance...or something like that! It's possibly worth doing a patch test behind your ear, just to see if you are allergic, especially if you love the product! Good luck, let me know how it goes :) Xxx

  2. @ZebyK - I have been using this product with other one's in between, as like most people I always get lots of beauty gift sets for Christmas and on my birthday.

    I have been using this for many years so maybe my body is saying 'Hey I'm getting bored. Try some thing new', haa haa :) xxxx


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