Primark/H&M Haul

Hi there my lovelies. It's the weekend, woo hoo :) I wanted to show you these bits and bobs that I got from Primark and H&M. I am really pleased with what I got for the prices. Some of these things I have been on the look out for so I was extra chuffed when I found them. Let me begin with Primark.

These gorgeous off-white, grey, black dip-dye earrings were £1.50. They are quite long, but because of the colour I don't think they are very obvious or obnoxious. They are very lightweight too because of the tassle material.

Now this little beauty was reduced from £4.00 to just £1.00. As you can see it is a chiffon flower design with pearls in the centre of each flower. The chiffon is grey with a slight mauve colour running through it. In the first shot I think you can see just how beautiful these flowers are.
In the second shot I wanted to give you more of an idea of what the chain looks like. I think it's really nice to have the contrast of the subtle, delicate flowers with the toughness of the multi-strand silver chains.

I have been using these face wipes for some time. You get 2 packs of 25 wipes (so 50 wipes) for just £1.00. There are 3 types of wipes that Primark sell. These are the white pack ones that are fragrance free. They claim to be dermatologically tested. Also they say they cleanse, tone, moisturise and remove make-up. 

Now I do not use these every day, but they are very handy when I am in a rush or just too tired to do a thorough deep cleanse. I know that there will be those of you saying that you should make time when removing make-up, but I would only use these very rarely for removing a very light application of make-up or just to refresh my face. I think it's better than not taking my make-up off at all.

I also like that these are fragrance free. I tried the pink coloured packs which I believe are for sensitive skin, but I really didn't like the smell. I can only describe it as the smell of a cleaning product for the house rather than your skin. I am not sure what the green coloured packs are for as they were only at the tills, but not my till. I couldn't get a chance to see as it was so busy. It really annoys me when shops do this. If you want to give people a chance to look at a product at the tills put it on every till please!

A little face wipe tip lovelies. You can use them to remove those pesky stickers from new products, especially the bottom of shoes. The stickers can often leave a sticky residue behind so you pick up anything that you tread in. Not nice :( Just rub any face wipes you have over the sticker and it will come off a lot more easily. I also like to have face wipes to hand when doing swatches for my posts :)

There are days when I just want to throw on a cap to run an errand. I have had the one same Diesel cap for so long now that I thought I had better pick up a new one. I found these two cheap-as-chips caps in Primark for £1.50 each. They have a slightly different hawaiian style symbol on each of them. 

Left: White cap with grey/silver tropical flower

Right: Navy cap with white palm trees

Now on to my H&M goodies. 



Light Stone With A Very Pale Green Undertone

Coral/Creamy White Leopard Print

These cotton skirts are all the same style with an elasticated waist. They are a nice length as they fall just above my knee. Ideal for work. I will wear them with blouses tucked in or a tight vest with a cardigan belted over the top.


Canary Yellow


Stripey Creamy White, Peach, Black & Pink

All of these cotton shorts are the same style too. They have elasticated waists with a pocket on either side. I am not brave enough to wear these without tights, but I think they will look great on tanned/darker skin toned pins. If they were a bit longer I would want to wear them tights free with fake tan instead, but they fall a couple of inches lower than my butt and that's just not long enough for me. I will wear them with ballet pumps and a t-shirt or with a cardigan/vest combo.
I got these 8 items from H&M for just £51.93. I do love a bargain.

Have you picked up any bargains lately?

Love to you all


  1. Love the ear rings. The shorts are great too, so affordable! x

  2. @Miss EBlog - Yeah I'm really pleased I found those earrings and the shorts will be great to just throw on with loads of stuff xx

  3. Ohhh the skirts are fab must keep an eye out for them

  4. @aprettyobsession - I work long days so they will be comfy. I had to get all the colours of course ;) xx


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