Best Blog Award

Hey there my gorgeous, wonderful lovelies. The absolutely beautiful Alexa Heinrich has made me very happy by nominating me for the Best Blog Award. I am very grateful, but I must share these things with you before I can accept it:

7 Facts About Me

1) I am named Victoria after my late Dad Victor

2) I can ski. My Dad taught me

3) I had my belly button pierced when I was 18, but I don't have it pierced now

4) I was a member of the Kylie Minogue fan club as a kid

5) My favourite number is 4

6) I have been to Austria, France, Ireland, Scotland and Greece on holidays/mini breaks

7) My favourite drink is a cappuccino

12 Questions

1) What is your favourite colour?

2) What is your favourite song?

3) What is your favourite dessert?

4) What annoys you?

5) When you’re upset you… 

6) What is your favourite pet?

7) Black or white?

8) What is your biggest fear?

9) What is your best feature? 

10) Everyday attitude?  

11) What is perfection?  

12) What is your guilty pleasure?

The answers will be the same as I gave in the Butterfly Award

Favourite Bloggers

Please don't be offended if I haven't included you in this award as there are so many of your blogs I enjoy this post would be endless.

If you are one of my nominated Bloggers above you must follow these rules in order to accept this award:

The Rules

Mention and link back to the Blogger/s who awarded you

Share 7 facts about you

Answer the 12 questions 

♥ Send this award to your favourite Bloggers

Keep on blogging lovelies. I love seeing what you have to show next :)

Love to you all


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