My Magazine Subscriptions/Blogger/Vlogger Max Factor Promotion

Hey there lovelies. In this post I wanted to show you which magazines I am subscribed to and why. First up is Company. Retailing at £2 per issue.

I love it for the affordable fashion which shows also what the public are wearing. Great for inspiration! There is a 'back to mine' section where you get to see the interiors of someones home. I'm dead nosey. This is a monthly magazine. In this August issue there are Bloggers/Vloggers featured such as Lina from Make Up to Make Out, Nicola from Nicola VC86 and May from May Loves Makeup. They are trying out various looks in the 'Festival Fever Max Factor' promotion. They all look gorgeous I think you'll agree.

Next up is monthly magazine Cosmopolitan. Retailing at £3.50 per issue. I have been reading  this magazine ever since I can remember. It has great beauty and fashion features/tips, some fantastic pin ups :) and in this August issue it again features the same Bloggers/Vloggers as in Company magazine for the same feature, but the article is shown in a different way. See below photos. 

Rihanna is such a babe

Now I do love Glamour magazine. Retailing at £2 per issue. This is another monthly. I think the fashion, make-up and beauty features in this magazine are all fantastic. I have to praise Glamour especially for the fact that if you subscribe they do not stop you from receiving any free gift that would usually come with the magazine. Company and Cosmopolitan penalise you for having a subscription and do not send you the free gift. I think that's pretty mean since as a subscriber I always renew for at least a year. 

Let me move on to my weekly magazines. First up is Closer. Retailing at £1.40 per issue. Affordable fashion/make-up, puzzles (I'm a geek), TV guide, healthy recipes and shocking stories. What's not to love :)

Last, but by no means least is my other weekly, Look magazine. Retailing at £1.70 per issue. Apart from the fabulous fashion features which have prices to suit all Look always has fantastic make-up/hair ideas. They are so inspiring.

I love reading my magazines, especially at lunch time at work. I always find a topic to discuss with the girls. I think they are also great for giving me ideas for blogging, informing me of special offers, discounts, events and in general inspiring me. I am definitely inspired today, haa haa :)

I always search the Internet for the cheapest subscription when mine needs to be renewed so i won't recommend any particular one to you. Be aware that the company you do subscribe to may have the same subscription on their online site for a cheaper price. This is why I always check online before reordering as some reminder letters sometimes charge you more. I think it is definitely worth subscribing though as it may not seem a lot when you pick up a magazine for say £2 per week, but if you can save money and get it delivered to your door then why not?

So to clarify if you by these magazines every month not on subscription this is what it costs you:

Company x 12 issues = £24 per year

Cosmopolitan x 12 issues = £42 per year

Glamour x 12 issues = £24 per year

Now on to the weeklies:

Closer x 51 issues (as at Christmas time there is usually a double issue) = £71.40 per year

Look x 51 issues (again at Christmas another double issue) = £86.70 

Sometimes there are offers for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. Obviously the longer you subscribe you save more in the long run. There are direct debit and one off payment schemes. Keep your eyes peeled if you think you might benefit from subscribing and do your research. I sometimes ask for subscriptions at Christmas time. It's an easy present for someone to buy me and it's the present that keeps on giving. I love getting things in the post, even if it is just a magazine. I still buy them as gifts for family myself at Christmas. Sometimes if you buy two it's cheaper as well, which is always helpful if there's one I like :)

Which magazines do you read? Are you subscribed to them? Why do you like them?

Love to you all


  1. Hey following ur blog great post!!I love magazine I love reading and I sure think it great to get ideas and so blog about

  2. @Pinkbeauty_love - Aww thanks. I love my mags xx


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