3 Lipsticks for 99p

Hi my lovelies. I hope you have been enjoying fabulous weekends? I am so upset that I missed the @TOWIB1 event yesterday organised by the lovely @LBQblog. Did you attend? Was it everything that you hoped for? I am keeping my fingers crossed that another event will be organised as I have  been just too ill this weekend to go :(

Now on to my reason for this post. I was in the 99p stores the other day and found these little beauties. 


3 lipsticks for 99p. That's 33p per lipstick. Bargain alert!


Swatches are as they appear in the appear in the photo above (LEFT: Berry Shade, CENTRE: Coral Shade & RIGHT: Baby Pink Shade). They all have the number 2763 on the bottom of them.

Now these are not my most favourite lipsticks by any means, but for the price I think they are worthy of a try. The stand out one for me is the coral shade in the centre.

Have you found any little bargains like this recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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