Limited Edition Sleek MakeUP I-Divine Curacao Palette

Hello there my gorgeous lovelies. I hope you have all been having lovely weekends? This post is on a product from one of my favourite make-up brands, which is also available at Superdrug. The Limited Edition Caribbean Collection is due out on Wednesday 6th July I do believe. 

On Friday I was in Superdrug enquiring about the Limited Edition Oh So Special I-Divine palette when I noticed that they had a lovely little Limited Edition I-Divine Curacao palette lurking in the drawer saying 'please buy me Vicky' :) Needless to say I gave my sweetest smile and the very helpful assistant in Superdrug sold it to me. They did have one I-Divine Oh So Special palette, but the box was ripped and the shadows looked like someone may have tried them out so I will keep an eye out for another one.

I think this box that it comes in is a really fun, tropical design that represents the feel of the eye shadows inside.

As you can see these colours are amazing.  

TOP ROW (L-R): Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver & Green Iguana

BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Green Martini, Singapore Sling & Espresso Martini

I love that they are named after cocktails. It adds to that holiday vibe I think.

TOP ROW (L-R): Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian

 BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Bloody Mary, Screwdriver & Green Iguana

I love the look of Tequila Sunrise and I think Bloody Mary could be really cool if used wet as an eye liner.

TOP ROW (L-R): Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze

BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Green Martini, Singapore Sling & Espresso Martini

Apres Midori has amazing zing. Singapore Sling is a real Barbie shade and Espresso Martini is a very deep, mysterious colour.

I love the I-Divine palettes. They never fail to make me happy, although this one is driving me to drink (just kidding, haa haa).

Will you be buying this palette or any other Sleek MakeUP products? Do you already have some favourites?

Love to you all


  1. Love the colours in this palette but i don't think i'm daring enough! Haha (: xx

  2. @Shen ♥. - That's a shame. I will try pretty much any make-up xx

  3. What gorgeous colours
    These all look great and really strongly pigmented which I love


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