BINTM Live! 2011

Hello Beauties. I had such a great time at BINTM Live! last Friday 28th October. The show was fantastic, I bought lots of lovely things and met some fabulous people. I will show you what I bought first, then some photos of the show.

Left to Right: MUA (Makeup Academy) Glitter Eyeliners: Glitter Shade 6, Glitter Shade 9, Glitter Shade 3 & Glitter Shade 7, Link :)

Swatches As Above

I think these are great colours. The first three look almost UV. Fantastic for any clubber. I was a bit dissappointed that the first three had brushes that are a bit thick and splayed out. The one on the far right is fine. These were only £1 each though.

Left to Right: Famous By Sue Moxley: Oscar Party Glitter Pots (top to bottom) Fifth Avenue Rainbow, Boulevard Green, Mulholland Mauve, Rodeo Yellow, Cream Blusher Shirley Copper, Movie Star Drama Black Mascara, Tinsel Town Eye Collection

Left To Right: Famous By Sue Moxley Oscar Party Glitter Pots: Fifth Avenue Rainbow, Boulevard Green, Mulholland Mauve, Rodeo Yellow

These have fantastic colour pay off. The pots include a handy mirror and a waxy, gel formula to hold the pigments and really make them pow. Unfortunately the shade Fifth Avenue Rainbow did not have any of this waxy, gel formula in it? This is why this shade does not look very pigmented as I wanted to show you how they look without the base. The pots come with cute diamante stars on the lids, but I lost one on the shade Rodeo Yellow :( These pots are a bit hard to open so bear this in mind if you have just painted your nails as I chipped two of mine. I do love these pots of glitter though.

Left to Right: Cream Blusher Shirley Copper, Tinsel Town Eye Collection: Shades Left to Right as in two photos above 

The Cream Blusher Shirley Copper is so creamy and such a lovely shade. I think this is my only cream blush. I can't wait to try it.

I was given the Tinsel Town Eye Collection by Sue Moxley herself in order to do a review on it. I had a lovely chat with her. She seems really nice. I used to watch Pineapple Dance Studios and see her on their so it was a bit surreal. I will be doing a face of the day post using this palette so that I can give you a more in depth review, but for now I will say I think it's pretty good quality. I'm a little dissapointed by the pigment of the shade far right, but the darkest shade is fab.

The Movie Star Drama Black Mascara has a great quilting type packaging. I will test this out and let you know how I get on with it. Beacause I spent more than £10 on the glitters and blush the mascara was free.

Famous By Sue Moxley is still available at Superdrug I believe, but I can not find it on their website?

Left to Right: BYS Cosmetics: Metallics - Pinks Purples, Mascara Jet Black, Diamond Shadow - Miami Beats & Black Magic Eyeliner, Link :)

Swatches As In BYS Cosmetics: Metallics - Pinks Purples

I love these shades. Fantastic pigmentation. Bottom row, third from left shade caught my eye, but they are all fantastic colours. Great quality.

Swatches As In BYS Cosmetics: Diamond Shadow - Miami Beats

WOW! OMG! LOVE THIS PALETTE! <3 If you didn't realise already I have fallen for these fantastic shades. Every single one. SO pigmented and so glittery. This palette is not like others that only have glitter on the top layer. I want more.

Black Magic Eyeliner

I applied this as a swatch with the brush provided. It applies smoothly, but dries with a slightly powder finish. Not gel like in my opinion. Also it's not that black so it's not magic for me I'm afriad. 

I will let you know how I get on with the mascara when I try it out. 

It was only £10 for these four items so I'm well chuffed. I will definitely be buying more from BYS Cosmetics. 

This was free as they were just being given out. Quite funny how the girl in the picture isn't even showing her teeth with her smile. This claims to make teeth one shade whiter in a week. I will let you know if I see a difference.

Happy Feet Roll Up Shoes in Bold Black Medium. Rubber Band Free, Link :)

These come in colours Stunning Silver, Pretty in Pink & Glittery Gold also. Sizes chart included in link above. I think these are a great idea for your handbag after a long night in heels. They come with a cute bag too which will stop them from making your handbag dirty. These cost me £5.

Left: LoveLemonade Bracelet, Right: lovepinklily Bracelet

The LoveLemonade Bracelet cost me £20. The gunmetal balls on this bracelet are magnetic. The lovepinklily bracelet I can't remember the price of I'm afraid, but it was cheaper. The gunmetal balls on this one are not magnetic. I didn't have any bracelets in this style so I am pleased to have both of these. I do love a bit of sparkle. I can not find these bracelets on either website.

Lovepinklily Leopard Print Scarf

I'm afraid I couldn't find this on the website either. I paid £5 for this. I already have one like this that is a black, white and grey leopard print.

Left to Right: StarGazer: Opal Nail Polish 242, Nail Polish 517, Nail Polish 172, Glitter Mascara Silver, Star Pearl Shadow Copper Fire, Glitter Fix Gel & Glitter Shakers (Top to Bottom): Lazer Pink, Lazer Purple, Multi & Hologram

I have StarGazer nail polishes already and love them. I thought the mascara would be fun to add on top of my usual black mascara for a night out. 

Left to Right: Star Pearl Shadow Copper Fire, Glitter Shakers: Lazer Pink, Lazer Purple, Multi & Hologram. Glitters Applied On Top Of  Glitter Fix Gel

The shadow felt like silk when swatched. The Glitter Fix Gel smells a bit when first applied, but this goes away pretty quickly. The glitters are nice for a touch of sparkle, but I do prefer the Famous By Sue Moxley Oscar Party Glitter Pots as they are much more full on where these are just a sprinkle of glitter. Something to note if you do buy these though is that to open them you have to take the stickers off which have the names of the shades on. If you want to keep them for reference only remove part of the sticker or add your own.

Left to Right: StarGazer Glitter Eye Dusts: 104, 103, 108, 102, 107, Eye Dust 52. Rubber Band Free

Swatches As Above

I love, love, love these pigments, but they are so messy. I think the containers could be a little better sealed as the pigment is trying to get out before you even open them. I will find a box to put them in otherwise I think they will end up all over my other make-up. I would buy more of these though due to their fantastic pigmentation and sparkle.

Here is a link to the StarGazer website, Link :)

Left to Right: NYX Cosmetics Mega Shine Lip Glosses: Sugar Pie, Nude Pink, Pink Frost, Nude Peach, Natural, Sweet Heart, Beige, Dolly Pink & Perfect Red

Swatches As Above

I love these they are so opaque and thick except perhaps Pink Frost, but as the name suggests it's more of a sheer frost. Nude Pink, Beige, Dolly Pink and Perfect Red are my favourites. The bows on top of them are so cute. They all smell lovely and sweet like candy. I think the shade Beige is more pink than beige though.

Top: NYX Cosmetics Love's Anthem Lip Gloss Set, Bottom: NYX Cosmetics The Naturals Lip Gloss Set

Swatches As Above

These are a thinner, looser formula than the Mega Shine Lip Glosses. I think these are great for Xmas presents or for someone new to make-up. The darker shades seem to bleed a little so be aware of this. These cost me £10 for each set. It's a shame that the lip glosses do not have individual names/numbers. They all smell very sweet. I am gutted also that I picked up a tester of the Love's Anthem set :(


Left to Right: NYX Cosmetics: Jumbo Lip Pencils: Brown, Honey, Jumbo Eye Pencils: Pacific, Yogurt, Lipliner Pencil Pale Pink & Eye/Eyebrow Pencil Lavender Glitter

Swatches As Above

The Jumbo Lip Pencils are so creamy. I don't think the names Brown and Honey describe these shades correctly though? The Jumbo Eye Pencils are creamy too. They look like great shades, but again naming the shade Yogurt? I have heard a review that these crease quite badly. I have already tried the shade Milk, but I had lots of glitter on top of it for one of my Halloween looks so I can not really say if this is true. The Lipliner is a lovely natural shade that will work well with many lipsticks and as a base for lip glosses. The Eye/Eyebrow Pencil is a great colour, but a bit crumbly. These are all great pigments though.

Left to Right: NYX Cosmetics: Eyeshadow Base White, Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigments: Light Pink, Violet, & Mink

Swatches As Above

The Eyeshadow Base is very buttery. It looks like it could be a great base. I hope so. I love these pigments. The Light Pink and Violet are fab colours. I will be buying more of these.

I am not sure how much I spent in all at the NYX Cosmetics stand. Here is a link to their website, Link :)

I am so happy with everything that I picked up, but now on to more excitement.

The lovely Amy Childs was promoting her new clothing and beauty line on the day. Here is a link to her website, Link :)

Amy looked gorgeous as always

Now on to the main catwalk show.

Someone got a goody bag for screaming the loudest

The mexican wave that led to that scream

The gorgeous winner of the show Jade

Amazing tattoo

Bluey Robinson with one of the models

Just Wow

The Luminites

Jade looking fierce

Everything about the show was fantastic. I watched the show on TV and was rooting for Jade the whole time so for her to win is great.

Please note that all prices in this post are what I paid on the day and may be reduced from the usual prices!

Did you go to BINTM Live!? If so, what did you buy? Did you enjoy the show? If not, will you be attending next year?

Love to you all


  1. Wow the event sounds amazing! And you got so many pretty things! I love the look of the NYX lipglosses! xxx

  2. @Glimmer and Glow ♥ - They are gorgeous and it was a great day Hun xx


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