Primark Haul

Hello my sweet petals. I have a Primark haul for you today. I am really pleased with everything that I purchased so I will get straight into it.


Left: Snow Leopard Onesie, Right: Grey, Floral Onesie - £10.00 Each

I have been desperate to get my hands on a onesie for ages. These are so cool. My Mum said I look like I did when I was a kid when she saw me try these on. So cosy and they are not too long as they go tighter around the ankles. 

Ivory Pussy Bow Blouse - £10.00

This is great for work. As you can probably see from the photo this is lower at the back than the front, but I will tuck this into some high waisted trousers so that feature is wasted on me. It's simple enough in style and shade to wear with lots of trousers and skirts. I need to find some more blouses for work so if you find any you think I might like please let me know :)

Indigo Top With Red O.M.G! Sequin Design & Stripes On One Arm - £14.00

This is a really nice, fun top to throw on with jeans at the weekend. 

Cable Knit Design Leggings In Left to Right: Camel, Ivory & Black - £6.00 Each

I thought these were nice for winter. A change to the plain black ones I usually wear. I will probably wear knee high boots and a long jumper with these. I bought two pairs of the black as I will probably wear those the most.

Grey Trousers With A Hot Pink, Plaited, Suede Belt - £14.00

Again these trousers will be great for work. I like the length as I don't need to take them up. This does not happen to me very often as trousers in Primark usually come up way too long. They are about ankle length so bear this in mind if you prefer your trousers longer. They have a turn up at the bottom and a pocket on either side. I will probably use the belt with something else and wear a more muted one with these trousers. Please excuse the creasing on these.

Black & White Fairisle Knit Design Pants - £10.00

These are nice and snugly for lounging around indoors. They gather at the ankles, are not too tight on the legs and have a solid waistband.

Palazzo Pants In Left: Rust & Right: Teal - £8.00 Each

More trousers for work, but very wearable for an evening out too. These are a stretch, pull on design in a very wide leg 70's style as the term 'Palazzo' suggests. I will wear the blouse shown earlier in this post with these. They are very long though so I will need some very high shoes with these. What shoes do you normally wear with palazzo pants? I'm thinking a wedge maybe?

Royal Blue Palazzo Pants - £2.00

These are the same style as the above pants. There was no tag on these so the assistant gave them to me for just £2.00. Result! The waistband on these do turn over slightly at the very top as you may be able to see in the photo, but for £2.00 I'm not taking them back to get a full price pair.

Wine Red Snood - £6.00

This snood is a lovely and thick knitted design. I love the deep red colour.

Snoods in Left to Right: Black, Purple & Blue - £2.00 Each

At £2.00 each I could not resist these. They are obviously great for keeping you warm, but also nice to add a little something to an outfit when you are not in the mood for jewellery.

Gem/Bow Knitted Headbands In Left to Right: Blue, Black, Purple & Teal - £1.50 Each. In The Centre: Double Pack Of Plain Headbands In Cobalt & Pink - £1.00

I like to wear knitted headbands, especially in winter. The gem/bow ones are so cute and the double pack are fun colours. These are all such great prices.

Left: 5 Pair Pack Of Natural Tan Sheer Tights With Lycra - £2.50, Right: 3 Pair Pack Of Black 40 Denier Appearance Microfibre Opaque Tights With Elastene & Weather Sensor Finish - £3.00

I usually always by my tights in medium, but I bought the natural tan ones in small this time as I find this style tend to slip down my legs as they are not very thick and I end up with that old lady ankle. The black ones are really soft. I bought three packs of these as I use them a lot. The idea of the weather sensor in these is to make you feel warm when it's cold and and cool when it's hot, but I have never really taken much notice of whether or not this actually works as I am usually always cold. Have you tried these? If so, do you think that they work in this way?

Wide Fit Wedge, Suede, Buckle Shoes In Top: Tan & Bottom: Black - £14.00 Each

These are so comfortable. I don't have particularly wide feet, but these fit me just fine. Great if you want height and comfort in one.

Left: 5 Pairs Of Various Size Silver White Hoop Earrings - £1.00, Middle: Gold Yellow Diamante Studs - £2.00 & Right: 5 Pairs Of Various Size Gold Yellow Hoop Earrings - £1.00

Hoop earrings are so easy to put with anything and for 20p per pair these are fab. The diamante style are also lovely and great value. I already have them in silver.

So that's the end of my Primark haul. I think I got some great bargains. Have you picked up anything gorgeous lately? Primark or other I am still interested :)

Love to you all


  1. Nice haul! I like the knitted headbands but have no idea how to wear it. As for the microfibre tights, I got some last year to try and all I noticed was they were nice and warm. Not sure about the 'technology' behind it, then again in winter in england who is usually too warm!

  2. @Enigma - I just wear the knitted headbands slightly off centre over the top of my hair, hippy style xx

  3. @Glimmer and Glow ♥ - They are so cool :) xx

  4. You finally got a onesie! Amazing aren't they? I think I'm going to have to get the leopard print one myself now xxx

  5. @Alexa - Haa haa yeah Baby! I love them. Need more ;) xx


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