Are You Getting The Benefit?

Hey Loves. I have been finding this week at work so long as the weather has been so glorious work is the last thing on my mind. Now there are many of you that may think I'm a bit mental, but I'm not bothered as I love a bargain :) I have been without a face/make-up primer for a few weeks and I have always wanted to try a certain one which leads me onto my post ..........

I have been subscribed to Glamour Magazine for as long as I can remember. I have a few magazine subscriptions, but Glamour Magazine is the only one I have that continues to give the free gifts to subscribers. This is not the only reason that I like the magazine, but it does make me think more favourably about it. Please take note Cosmopolitan and Company Magazines! Glamour Magazine are giving away Benefit Cosmetics products with each July 2012 issue. The covers vary as you can see above. I have wanted to try the Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional for ages and to do a comparison I also wanted to try the Benefit Cosmetics "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer. Now for the laughter and shock on your faces.

Yes I picked up that many. I actually did get one of the POREfessional products free with my magazine subscription, but I bought another 13 magazines as I had heard such great things about this product. One of the magazines had the "That Gal" primer with it so I could do a comparison. You may think I'm crazy, but when I think I could have spent £23.50 on a 22.0ml tube of The POREfessional and I now have 90.00ml for £24.00 (this does not include the free one that came with my subscription) I think that's pretty savvy. The "That Gal" primer is usually priced at £21.50 for 11ml. I have 7.5ml for just £2.00.

Left: "That Gal" & Right: The POREfessional

"That Gal" is more of a salmon pink than I expected and is quite brightening. I am hoping this will add a fresh dewiness to the complexion. This is more matte where as the The POREfessional is quite runny, has a more liquid texture and a very subtle skin tint shade to it. I think that the "That Gal" product would be nice to try as a highlighter on the cheeks too.

Glamour Magazine are also giving away Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara with this issue, but I am sure I have already tried that before and I have a ton of mascaras already.

So that's my crazy lady post for today. Are you going to pick up an issue of Glamour Magazine or go even more nuts like me and pick up a stock load? Which of these products appeal to you the most? If you have tried any of them already what are your thoughts on them?

Love to you all



  1. Oh my stars you bought ALOT - I picked up all three and I thought that was alot :-) I blogged about these freebies too! hurrah for freebies!!!

  2. So it was you that bought all the magazines. That is why they were all sold out heheheheh :)

  3. i picked up 3 professinals and 4 bad gal mascaras opsie x


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