4th Of July Accessory Ideas

Hello you scrumptious lot. I have a really bad belly ache today so I'm hoping writing this post will take my mind off it. With the 4th Of July on it's way I thought I would have a scramble around my accessories with that in mind for inspiration.

Red & Blue Sunglasses ~ Both Primark Menswear

White Sunglasses ~ River Island I Think?

White Elasticated Belt ~ H&M Sale

Blue & White Stripe Belt ~ Came With Primark Capri Pants

Red Headband ~ Claire's

Blue Sequin & White Headbands ~ Both Primark

Red & White Stud Earrings ~ Both Pairs Primark

Hello Kitty Beach Bag ~ Present, But I Believe Avon

Blue Quilted Chain Bag ~ Primark

None of these items I purchased recently, but sometimes you just need to shop your accessory stash to remember the goodies you have and enjoy them again.

Are you going to rock some red, white and blue accessories this 4th Of July or even an inspired outfit? Let me know your ideas in the comments below.

Love to you all

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