NOTD: 4th Of July Inspired

Hello Beauties. I really felt in the mood to play around with some nail art last night and with the 4th Of July celebrations on their way next week I thought I would try to create something colourful and fun so here it is.

I firstly applied one coat of my usual Rimmel base coat to my nails. I then cut 6 thin strips of this Primark Invisible Tape applying 3 strips horizontally across the nails of the ring fingers of each hand. I should have done this before applying my base coat, whoops! I bought these in a pack of three. They were cheap, but I can't remember the exact price sorry.

I then applied two coats of my O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in the shade Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It to alternate nails. This is a very bold red shade. So classic. I found this on for £8.89 and for various prices.

I then applied two coats of my Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail Polish in the shade Pop Fiction (320) to the nails not yet painted with colour. This is a very bold royal blue shade. The brush that comes with this polish is quite flat and large. The formula is quite thick and gloopy, but it looks great if you take your time on application. I found this on for £1.99.

I used two coats of my NYX Cosmetics Ink Nail Art in White to create diagonal stripes across the nails with the tape and stars on my forefingers. I found this nail art striper on for £7.95 and for $2.50.

I polished off the look by adding one coat of my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. So here is the finished manicure.

Left Hand

Right Hand

So I hope you like this look. I really like how the tape can make a simple look a little more creative. Happy 4th Of July to all in the U.S.

Have you created any 4th Of July inspired nail art? What are your current favourite nail shades?

Love to you all

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