Facial Skincare: 4 Product Reviews

Hi lovelies and happy 1st of December! Oh my gosh the panic is setting in a little bit as I haven't bought any Xmas presents yet, eek! Oh well it always works out in the end.

Today's post is focused on facial skincare products.

T-Zone Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Facial Wipes ~ 99p for 20 wipes

I believe that I picked these up in the 99p Store. I thought these would be a good quick and easy step in my skincare routine to remove dirt and make-up, plus they have the added plus of being naturally anti-bacterial due to the tea tree and witch hazel. I don't think these worked any better than other regular facial wipes and to be honest I found the scent of them quite overpowering.

I received this product in my Pearl Lowe Spring Fever GlossyBox back in April. You can find full information on this product in that link. My first impression of this product was fab. It gives skin that lovely been out in the sun glow like a natural skin tint. I was however left disappointed as a big let down for me is that the product ends up flaking on my skin, even without make-up or anything else on top. I get these rolled up bits of product on my face making me look quite scaly. I have tried this on and off at different times to see if my skin was just being hormonal, but it does it every time. This also says free sample on the back so that's quite naughty GlossyBox!

This product I received in my October 2012 DIY Beauty GlossyBox. I can't believe it was that long ago, but I always get around to using products eventually. My first impressions and full product information are in the link above. I don't have anything to fault about this moisturiser, but then I don't particularly have very wrinkly skin at the moment. It felt lovely and smooth to apply.

Another GlossyBox product that I received in my June 2013 Summer Looks box. Full product information in that link. I wouldn't say that this particularly blurred my imperfections, but it did sink into my skin nicely. If you like cold creams you will like this. It kind of perks you up as you apply it.

So that's it for my facial skincare reviews today. I never enjoy giving negative reviews, but I hope that by always being honest and letting you know the pros and cons that I find in products you will hopefully find something that works for you. Always remember that what works for my skin though may or may not work for yours. 

What are your favourite facial skincare products at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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