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Hi again beauties. I'm back today with another post including reviews of three products for lips and hair.

I received this product in my London Edition GlossyBox where you can find full product information. The packaging of this product is very sleek in appearance, but the child in me still has an inward chuckle when I think of applying a nipple product to my lips. All jokes aside though I love this product. I only used it on my lips, but it worked really well. It felt smooth to apply. There was no awful scent or tacky feeling. I could use any lip products on top of this as part of my make-up routine and it didn't interfere with them. It really helped in keeping my lips even and chap free. I would definitely pick this up again.

I received this free at a show. The scent of this product is very much apple. I really like the texture of this lip care product which did a pretty good job on my lips, but it broke before I finished using it like it did with the other scent I had.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Concentrated Rinse Off Treatment, £1.49 for 15ml from Superdrug, Boots, Tesco & Waitrose

I received this product in my High Flyers GlossyBox. You can find full information about it in that post. I probably got about 6-8 uses out of this 15ml tube as you can put the stopper back on. It did feel like a conditioner should by separating any tangles as I smoothed it through my hair, but I wouldn't say that I saw amazing results.

I hope you enjoy these mini reviews as I try to keep everything that I use to let you know my thoughts. What are your favourite haircare and lip care products? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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