GODDIVA Celebrity Inspired Party Dresses

Hi lovelies I have another post for you today with a focus on party dresses from Goddiva. With December being the month of countless invitations to parties and events the first thing on most girls minds is 'but what am I going to wear?' Well don't worry because help is at hand. I have chosen my favourite celebrity inspired dresses and I hope you like them too :)

Mid Length

This bondage style dress still remains classy revealing only the shoulders. This a beautiful piece that I actually prefer to Kim's. The neckline detailing draws you upwards towards the smile you will have on your face with the confidence this dress gives. The symmetrical lines have turned this dress into architecture.

This style is definitely a siren dress for the confident sex kitten. I love this rich wine shade. Perfect for this time of year. If you have a cleavage to rival Kim's than this dress will ensure that you are noticed. I would add strappy heels, a mini sparkly pouch bag and a fake fur stole to this look all in black. Then all you have to do is purrrrrr!

This simple classic wrap dress with it's angled neckline and sexy leg reveal is a perfect chic style with fabric to smooth over and accentuate the female form. This dress would work well with pretty much any figure. The draped ruching effect will aid in disguising any body concerns. I would accessorise this dress with court shoes and a simple clutch in gold and for extra va-va voom I would add a bold red lip.

Floor Length

Again I actually prefer this style to Kim's. I think the squared off bust line doesn't detract you from the cascading material falling around the shoulder. To accentuate the shoulder even more I would add a silver diamante broach such as a snowflake and a simple silver diamante bracelet to the other arm. A silver satin clutch and silver strappy heels that reveal perfectly polished toes as you walk would complete the look.

I dare any woman to try and not look sexy in this dress. Impossible! The mesh inserts add to the glamour puss styling. Long sparkly earrings, sparkly nails, deep red matte lips and a beauty mole are all that's needed for a movie star entrance. No need for a jacket, just wear the guys that's just handed you his number ;)

So that's my picks for party season from Goddiva. Be sure to check out these and more celebrity inspired Christmas and New Year party dresses on their website.

Let me know if you like any of my picks or others from the Goddiva website in the comments below.

Love to you all

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