Back To Basics GlossyBox

Hi everyone. Today I am here to give you my first impressions of the January 'Back To Basics' GlossyBox

Yu-Be is so effective on severe dry skin and truly sets itself apart from other creams. This concentrated moisturiser helps hydrate, heal, soothe and smooth severe dry skin. It also helps heal split cuticles and smooth rough, dry skin on hands, elbows and feet, while protecting and moisturising skin exposed to cold, wind, water and sun. Can be used on face, lips and body.

I am interested to see how this cult Japanese product works. Lets hope it really is a 'does it all' skin care item.

I have previously reviewed this product here!

I hate it when tweezers are too thick at the end, but these appear to be quite a slim and precise tool, plus they are pretty.

Reduces eye bags and puffiness.

Cleanse and thoroughly dry the face. Open the foil packet, peel off the plastic and immediately apply as shown in the illustration making sure you've smoothed the patches to ensure contact with the skin. For best results, leave on for 30 minutes and then gently remove.

It's unusual for me to have dark circles, but puffiness around my eyes does unfortunately happen. Especially first thing in the morning. Lets hope they work.

Its non-greasy formulation and multi-layer complex absorbs quickly leaving your skin silky smooth and looking healthy.

This has a non-offensive scent and absorbed quickly into my hand. I am sure this will work fine as a moisturiser, but it would have been nice to try the new spray and go version.
So that's all of the products. I am looking forward to trying out the eye patches, but overall I am not excited about this box. I know the idea of this 'Back To Basics' box was to start the new year with a clean and fresh new you after all of the festivities, but at least one interesting make-up or nail product would have livened it up a bit.
For more information on the UK GlossyBox click here and for the US GlossyBox click here.
If you are subscribed were you impressed with your January GlossyBox products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love to you all

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