Shimmer After Your Shower

Hi lovelies. How are you today? I have some more beauty product reviews for you. To find out more keep on reading .........

Cussons Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Nourishing Shower Cream ~ Different sizes available at Superdrug

This product contains green tea, rice milk and jasmine. It does feel very creamy and give a good lather on the skin. The scent is very gentle and baby soft. The writing was already partially rubbed of when given to me as a Xmas gift so this did not happen from me using it.

Cussons Imperial Leather Soft Touch Moisturising Shower Cream ~ Different sizes available at Superdrug

This one contains jojoba milk and vitamin e. It again was very mild and creamy giving a good lather. The scent is very gentle once again. This was also a Xmas gift.

I went through these really quickly as I must admit I love to be very generous with shower gels and creams. The hole at the top tends to dispense a little too much product also though too. Unless you are lucky enough to find these particular scents in the pound shops here is a link to the Imperial Leather Hawaiian Spa Shower Gel at Poundland which sounds like a lovely exotic scent.

Katie Price Precious Love Shimmer Body Lotion

My friend gave this to me which I believe she was given as a gift in a set with the perfume. I don't mind a bit of shimmer in some body creams, especially if I am heading out and want a little something to emphasise areas of my skin. Well let me to you this will not emphasise, but cover your body like a disco ball. This cream has silver shimmer and is packed with the stuff. It is not subtle in any way. I'm a girl who loves shimmer, sparkle and glitter, but this is just too much. If you do want to try it however then I would head to Ebay or Amazon.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer ~ £21.00 for 50ml

I received this bottle in my February 2012 Feelunique Beauty Box. I have linked to above, but this product is also available at M&S for the same price. It is meant for use on the face, body and hair. Now I love a mulit-tasker, but this product I reserved solely for use on my body. This does have a gorgeous golden shimmer which really warms up the skin tone. I love how the shimmer catches the light as you move. I don't really like the idea of this much shimmer on my face and because it's an oil I would only use it at night anyway. It may look okay in some peoples hair, but oils tend to way my hair down so I only use them on my ends at night knowing I can wash it out the next day. As you can see there are still a lot of shimmer particles left in the bottle. Towards the end it started to become less oil and more shimmer which although pretty did become too much. I did really enjoy using the Nuxe oil without the shimmer which you can find a review of here.

Do you love to shimmer? Let me know your favourite oils with or without shimmer in the comments below.

Love to you all

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