Birthday Presents & Thank You

Hi all and Happy Friday! It has been just over a couple of weeks since my birthday. On the day I spent some time with my Mum catching up on gossip and having lunch. Then I had a few hours chilling on my own painting my nails, drinking tea and watching YouTube videos. In the evening my boyfriend and I enjoyed a takeaway and we watched a film. He had bought me a cake, but we were so stuffed that we had some the next day. Sometimes the simple things are what please me :) He had already bought me my camera as my Xmas/Birthday present so putting my feet up and no cooking was all I needed from him. 

I did however receive gifts from family and friends so for those of you interested here are the lovely things I got.

A variety of cute, funny, rude and heartwarming cards.

Obviously you can never go wrong with me and beauty.

I love taking notes. It's a bit of an obsession for me as I like to be organised. This snuggly circle scarf with cute pom poms will keep me warm.

This cute mug and coaster will brighten any dreary day. Plus this bed warmer will keep me toasty at night.

I also received 3 bunches of beautiful flowers, 2 boxes of chocolates which I shared with my fella, vouchers and money. I am going to buy a camera case asap as I have a few events in February to attend which I will let you know more about soon.

As with any gift I am so grateful to my fella, friends and family.

Please let me know if you see any bargains that you think I might like in the comments below. Fashion, beauty or lifestyle wise.

Love to you all

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