Hey beauties. I am here this afternoon to talk to you about some gorgeous hand creams that were gifted to me at BLOGGERS LOVE HUB DAY 3 by Sniffy Wiffy. You can find out the background on this brand in that post.

I have been testing out these pots of joy for a while now in the scents Mango, Blueberry, Cinnamon & Orange and Apple & Cinnamon.

The creams have a very luxurious texture that feels like silk on the skin. The product absorbs very quickly leaving only a velvety veil which lasts really well.

I usually prefer squeezy tube hand creams, but these tins are just too cute not to love.

So lets talk scents ......

Blueberry is as you would think. A lovely sweet berry aroma that you can notice, but it's not overpowering.

Mango is very fruity and has a very obvious mango scent. It really makes you want to eat the real fruit.

Apple & Cinnamon I applied mainly at night as part of my ritual for settling myself to sleep. It has a lovely warming and calming scent that puts me at ease.

Cinnamon & Orange I expected to love as much, but unfortunately for some reason it made me cough a little. It left an unexpected powdery floral scent on my skin.

So basically other than the one scent that I am not a fan of I absolutely love these hand creams. They are cute, non-greasy, absorb quickly and 3 out of 4 I love the scents of.

They have so many other interesting scents including Christmas Cake, Cologne, Dark Chocolate, Double Cream, Gingerbread, Guinness, Japanese Plum and many others as well as a fragrance free option.

Each tin is £4.00 with 20p of each sale going to the charity CoppaFeel.

Gift packs of 3 tins are also available for just £6.00.

Donations are also made to Ballboys for each male product sold.

With this weekend being all about the love it's good to remember to love your body too. With a range including other products such as bath & massage oils, body lotions & scrubs as well as male grooming I am definitely intrigued. 

Sniffy Wiffy want to make you feel good while reminding you to check yourself as you pamper. Well done to a brand that cares!

Remember to check yourself ladies and gents. It's always worth it!

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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