Hi there beauty lovers. Last night I picked up my Love Edition GlossyBox from the post office which includes a 'Fifty Shades' mineral eyeshadow and a few other make-up treats. Here are my first impressions :)

Designed with 5 blades and a water-activated moisturising serum bar to keep skin hydrated for up to 2 hours after shaving.

Razors are something that I don't usually spend too much money on, but I am going to test this out tonight to see how good it is at giving me a close shave that is hopefully smooth on the skin. I always moisturise after shaving so I see the moisture bar as part of the shaving process only.

A 100% natural highly pigmented mineral loose powder eyeshadow with a creamy texture.

Inspired by the film 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' which I am sure you are all fully aware of this Valentine's weekend Marsk have created this beautiful grey mineral pigment that looks to be very wearable. 

I think it's great for day or night as applied with one layer it gives light smoke of grey with pretty light reflects. For more intensity, especially at night time I think it would look stunning applied with a wet brush.

I hardly ever use eye pigments simply because things can get messy very quickly and I am very clumsy. Not a good combo. This is why I wish brands would create more pigments that come in a tube with a sponge applicator or in a pressed pigment form for ease of use.

A nourishing, moisturising lip tint that Victoria Beckham is rumoured to be a fan of. Tinties come in 4 other shades including berry, kissed, nude and pink.

The scent of this lip tint is very sweet I think due to the trio of oils (argan, grape seed and almond). If you don't like the taste of almonds you won't like this. It's a bit like marzipan. 

It does feel nourishing on the lips and you can tell it's oil based, but it doesn't feel greasy. The pigment is not as high as I had hoped, but it is just a tint so I would use this as a lip butter only not as a lip shade. I have never been a fan of dipping my fingers into pots, but it is a cute design.

A richly pigmented, hydrating lip & cheek pomade that delivers 12 hours of wear without dryness, creasing or smudging. 100% cruelty free. Fragrance free.

The size of this palette for travel is great because it is so compact however the casing does not click shut so it would have to be kept in the box. I wish that a mirror had been included in the top of the lid too.

The two berry shades on the left are quite pigmented and good for noticeable, but not too bold lips. The shades on the right are much more subtle and I would perhaps reserve for the cheeks.

Because of the packaging not being great quality and the fact that the product actually sits in the palette a bit uneven this makes it look a bit cheap.

A conditioning waterproof, smudge proof and tear proof mascara that lengthens, defines and volumises. Push lashes upwards waiting for the mascara to dry to set into shape. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

I love trying out new mascaras and although I usually get smudging under my eyes from applying mascara to my lower lashes I never think to pick up a waterproof one.

A mini pack of love hearts sweets were also included in this Love Edition GlossyBox.

I love the actual design of this month's GlossyBox, but I am not as excited as I first was when I opened it as I wanted the make-up pigments to be more bold. I may not use the make-up much if at all apart from the mascara due to how they need to be applied.

For more information on the UK GlossyBox click here and for the US GlossyBox click here.

Let me know your favourite products from this month's GlossyBox in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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