Hi everyone. I hope you are all well. Today I have a review for you. 

I was asked to choose my own bespoke skincare product from the company IN SITU COSMETICS that I met at the BLOGGERS LOVE HUB DAY 4. They offered me £30 to spend while putting in my preferences following these easy steps online.

1. Select your skin type, age & ethnicity.

2. Choose your preferred texture of product.

3. Choose am or pm for application time.

4. Select your skincare concerns and priorities.

5. Add your mood boost preference.

Depending on your choices your product cost will vary, but this adjusts as you choose from the various options so that you can change your mind to suit your budget. My choices came to £30.

I opted for: 

Texture ~ Gel Body Wash

Mood Boost ~ Total Unwind

Skin Concern ~ Detoxifying & Purifying

Skin Type ~ Dry

Time Of Application ~ Morning

Age & ethnicity were not asked in the drop down choices.

I chose a body wash as I wanted to see if something that I would use up a lot quicker than say a face product would be worth the money as I don't spend £30 on body wash when buying it myself.

The bottle is plastic with a flip section at the top to open and close. My name as you can see has been printed on the front along with my selected preferences. On the back it tells me that my personalised body wash combines natural cleansing agents that remove dirt without drying the skin. It contains grapefruit and orange extracts to detoxify and stimulate blood circulation and mandarin to help skin look and smell beautiful. Also it contains organic juniper berry oil to help relax. It's 98% natural, free of parabens, colours and SLS.

This is how the bottle was wrapped inside the box. It came with two refreshing tissues.

This is the box that my product arrived in. I ordered it after Xmas so I was a little surprised when it came with a Xmas design, but the characters are cute.

So what did I think of the service and the product?

Good points

*Easy to choose options when choosing a product for a bespoke service.

*Quick and free delivery.

*Well presented packaging.

*Personalised product with my name and my product preferences.

*My skin felt cleansed after use.

Bad points

*Arrived in a Xmas box when ordered after Xmas was over. This took away for me part of the attention to detail of being personalised as though perhaps they had left over boxes that needed to be used.

*The scent was so subtle that I could hardly smell it when is use and it left no scent on my skin afterwards. Scent is something I find important when using a relaxing and detoxifying product to calm my senses.

*Age and ethnicity were not options to choose from the drop down menu as stated in the guidance instructions.

*I have used other body washes that have delivered the same results to my skin for a far cheaper price.

In conclusion I would not purchase products from IN SITU COSMETICS myself. I think that their website was so easy to use, delivery was quick and free and email updates ensured I knew what was happening with my package. 

However with a bespoke service I think things like out of season packaging are important. Yes I ordered a few days after Xmas, but Xmas was still over and my package arrived in the New Year.

I also like to notice a scent when I am applying a product that is going to calm and detoxify me. You know that aroma perhaps you would notice in spa.

Perhaps if I had chosen a body butter with a different mood boost or if I had customised my choices by essence I would feel different.

So that's my overall review based on the preferences I made with my order.

Let me know in the comments below if you like the idea of this kind of service? Also, have you ordered products from IN SITU COSMETICS? If yes, were you satisfied with your selection?

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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