Keep Clean And Shower

Hey Everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday with the thought of no work tomorrow. Thank you bank holiday :)

Today I have two products to talk about so I'll just get on with it.

Keep Clean And Shower Luxury Shower Gel's

Left: Vanilla And Anise

This was the original statement I made about this scent:

'Now I can either love or hate a vanilla scent depending on how potent it is as I can sometimes find them to be a bit sickly, but this one is gorgeous. I think the Anise must just give it that edge.'

There is something about this scent that I find very calming. It gives the senses a kind of instant relaxation.

Right: Lime, Basil And Mandarin

Original Statement:

'This one smells refreshing and clean, but is a little more masculine. The above two scents (in original post) smell a little more expensive. I would say this could definitely be a unisex scent due to the fruit and herb combination.'

I probably wouldn't pick this one up again because it is the most masculine scent of this range, but that's not to say it wouldn't suit the taste of others as it is a very clean and shower fresh scent.

The flip tops on these bottles are very secure. The bottles are a little stiff so you may want to unscrew the top when nearing the end of the bottle. I love the simple 'Keep Clean' design.

These were 99p each from the 99p Stores. To see my original post click here.

Have you tried any of the Keep Clean range from the 99p Stores? If yes, what are your thoughts? If no, will you be trying it out? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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