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Hi there and Happy Saturday! Yay the sun is back thank goodness. Dreary weather makes you feel bad so now it's time to smile :) Today I have some clothes to show you that I picked up in Primark so let me get to it.

Left: Charcoal Cardigan £8 reduced to just over £3

I found this little bargain on the reduced rail. I think it will be great to go with many outfits, especially as the colour is very neutral. I bought this in an XS as it's a style that poofs out a little at the hips because of the way it is curved at the bottom.

Centre: Ivory Shrug £5

I also bought one of these in black which I wore last weekend and it was a great little cover up. Perfect for when you don't want to wear a jacket, but still need a little something. This comes in navy too.

Right: Khaki Fringe Waistcoat £12

I love the hippy vibe of this waistcoat. I wanted to get one last year, but I didn't spot any I liked. This is a great length too as it drapes over the top of my legs which is good I think if you are not that confident wearing shorts in the summer. It seems quite delicate so I will have to take care when washing it. This also comes in a cream/beige shade.

Left: Acidwash Dungaree Shorts £12

Okay so here is the part of the haul where I like to dress like a child as you can see :) I am not the most confident person at wearing shorts, but I really like the dungaree styles that are about at the moment so I thought I would pick up a pair and give them a go. I really like the acidwash effect on these too. How do you like to style up your dungarees? Any ideas are appreciated.

Centre: Purple Hello Kitty Onesie £14

I have been on the lookout for this for ages after seeing someone wearing one online. I obviously am a fan of Hello Kitty and love to be cosy and warm so this is like a godsend outfit for me. I got this in a size 10/12 thinking that I wanted it to be loose and cosy for lounging at home and it really is roomy. I could have got a size down really, but it's fine for indoors.

Grey Pinafore Dress £10

This is another item that I have wanted for a while. I really wanted a black one, but there was only one left that was too big so I got this, but I still want the black one :( How do you like to dress a pinafore dress? Leave any ideas in the comments below :)

Left: Black & Cream Print Trousers £9

I picked these trousers up for work. I think they look quite chic and will be great when worn with plain tops. They are really comfy as they are a drawstring waist style. There are exposed zips by the ankles which actually hold the trousers down nicely while adding a little feature. Other trousers I have for work tend to rise when I sit down and I have to pull them back down at the bottom when I stand up so these will not cause that problem. These will be really cool to wear in the summer too. They will probably crease easily when wearing, but I don't think you will notice it as much as you would with a plain colour as I think the detailed print will make it less noticeable.

Right: Animal Print Trousers £9

These are the exact same style as the other pair with a wild animal print. Both of these trousers I think would be great for going out somewhere straight from work too.

Left: Cobalt 'OMG' Joggers £8

I thought these were really cool to wear on more casual days and just a bit of fun. This pair says OMG on both legs. I have turned the joggers inwards to show you designs better. 

Right: Grey Marl 'WHY' 'NOT' Joggers £8

These are the same style, but with WHY on one leg and NOT on the other. I think I will wear these with my black studded high top trainers. I am not sure that they will go with the cobalt pair so I may have to wear those with my white plimsolls I'm not sure yet.

Black Disco Leggings £7

I tried these on last weekend and they really are great for £7. I have never tried the American Apparel disco pants, but these really do look pretty good. They are very shiny so if that's not the look you want these won't be for you. They don't feel as cheaply made as some of the other Primark leggings can feel as the material feels more robust. Primark do have the styles that look more like the American Apparel ones too, but they feel more constricting as there seems to be no give in them.

Dipped Hem Shirts in Left: Pink, Centre: Ivory & Right: Black £6 Each

I picked these up for work. They are fab as I can roll the sleeves up or down depending on the weather. These are very lightweight and see-through, but I wear them with a tight vest or t-shirt underneath. These do not need ironing if hung up straight after a wash either :) I buy these in a size 6 as they do come up quite large.

Left: Ivory V Neck Long T-Shirt & Right: Black V Neck Long T-Shirt £4 Each

These are made of the same material as the shirts above so no ironing :) yay! I think I will wear these with leggings and a bodycon vest over even over the top of a bodycon dress. I didn't realise until I got home, but these have a sexy split on each side about half way down which is a nice detail. I think these would be great if you were going on holiday as they would be great alternatives to a kaftan. I go these in a size 6 also.

Centre: Ivory Floral Applique Top £8

I only saw this in one shade and I wish there were more because I love it. It feels so, so soft. I think I might wear it under my dungarees. I would be happy to wear this day or night and I wouldn't feel too exposed with just a bandeau top underneath because of the keyhole design. I could really imagine this in black, pastel pink and blue as well as hot pink and cobalt blue so pleeeeease bring out more shades of this style Primark.

Top Left to Right & Bottom Left: My Crop Boyfriend Tee in shades Pink, Charcoal, White & Black £3 Each

I got these to wear with my dungarees as not too much stomach will be exposed. I bought these in a size 12 in the hope that they would be a little longer. I really like the roll sleeve design too.

Bottom Right: Red Coca-Cola Crop Tee £6

The tag I noticed when I got home said size 14 so I was annoyed, but the labels inside say 12 so who knows what size this is? It fits the same as the other tee's though and I like the design.

Top Left: Red 2 Way Vest £1

This vest can be worn as a v neck or if reversed as a slightly rounded low neck style. The finish at the end of this vest is not great, but I bought it to wear under things so that doesn't matter.

2nd From Top Left To Right: Vests in shades Apple, Orange, Cobalt, Turquoise & Aqua £2 Each

I thought these were £1 also which is why I queried it at the till, but I then realised it was a different style and they are a little better quality. They are still a great price and perfect for wearing under the shirts I showed you earlier on in this post.

Bottom Left: Pink Los Angeles California Sports Sweater £8

I love the colour of this top and this design is easy to wear with many items.

Bottom Right: Coral 86 New York City Sports Sweater £8

These two sweaters are both lovely and soft. This is a fab peachy shade too.

I hadn't intended to go on a shopping spree, but I was in town for an appointment and having a bit of topsy turvey day so I thought why not treat myself as I had some overtime money.

Have you picked up any Primark bargains recently? What are your favourite key items to wear in the spring/summer? Let me know in the comments below along with suggestions on how to wear the items I have picked up in this haul.

Love to you all


  1. Wow! Now this is a haul! Love the dungarees, onesie and coca-cola top. Bargains :D

    Katie xx

    Beauty and the Baker

  2. Whoa that's loads! Too bad we don't have primark here D: the coca-cola shirts are awesome though<3!

  3. Hey! I have a pair of dungarees just like those,and I usually wear them with just a t shirt underneath, or something simple like a Breton top. I also occasionally wear them with an oversized check shirt over the top, just to play with the hillbilly stereotype :) I just started a fashion/beauty blog a couple of days ago, it would be really great if you could check it out: thanks!

    1. Hi Ollie. I love the idea of a check shirt with the dungarees so thanks and good luck with your blog!


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