FOTD: Will you be MesmerEyezd?

Ello ello beauties. How are you all on this dreadful rainy day? I feel for any of you that have had to venture out in this today. I have been sent some coloured contact lenses for free to review so I have this FOTD post for you :)

MesmerEyez Muliti-Purpose Solution, Lens Case and Lenses in left: Jade Green (Intense Range) & right: Royal Blue (Illusionz Range)

Left: Jade Green, Right: Royal Blue

I went for the Jade Green lenses for this FOTD as my eyes are already blue so you will hopefully see more of a difference.

This Jade Green shade is a little less intense than I had expected as I thought it was more of bright emerald green, but I still really like it. I quite like the misty effect that the lenses appear to have around the pupil area as it makes my pupils look a little smaller so that I think you notice the colour more. The edging of the lenses are very defined so I think that makes them look less natural than they could be, but I guess if you want your eyes to really pop it adds to that effect.

These were really easy to use for me, but then I am a contact lens wearer at least four days a week. You simply wash and dry yours hands, peel back the foil seal to the packet each lens is in and ensure that the lens is the correct way up for insertion into the eye. It's very easy to tell as the side with deep colouring is the side that will be on show. It should basically sit on the tip of your forefinger like a bowl with the edges curving inwards. Use the middle finger of your other hand to lift your top lid slightly and pull down with the middle finger of your hand with the lens to open the lower lid just a little and insert the lens with your forefinger. I can place mine straight onto the centre of my eye, but if yours need adjusting just look in different directions and the lens should slip into place. Blink a couple of times too as this sometimes helps.

The lenses I have are meant to last for 3 months once opened. To look at all of the fantastic range from MesmerEyez check out this link and use the colour studio to try the shades on the model. There are a variety of styles that are natural, intense, sexy or even wild. So if you fancy a change or just want something crazy to make those eyes pop these lenses could be a new addition to your night out.

3 Month lenses cost £19.99 (cleanser and lens case included). To purchase check this link.

Other products used in this FOTD are:

Helen É Cosmetics Stage Foundation Ultimate Performance Liquid Make-up For All Skin Types (Monroe - Very Fair Skin)*

Helen É Cosmetics Miracle Concealer*

E.L.F. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder

E.L.F. Studio Cool Bronzer

HD Brows Brow Beater

BellaPierre Cosmetics Lash Building Mascara Black

E.L.F. Studio Mist & Set

*Both Helen É Cosmetics were PR samples previously reviewed here.

Removing the lenses with clean hands pull down the lower lid gently, pinch the lens at the sides and pull out. You can look upwards if it makes it easier. Remove make-up AFTER removing lenses.

To store the lenses rinse to clean before placing in the lens case with solution for at least 6 hours. Rinse before placing the lenses into the eyes on next use. Change the solution in the lens case every week even if not in use. The lens case is labelled left and right, but I think it could be bolder so that it's a little easier to see.

I have been wearing these today for four hours and they have not bothered me at all. There is no irritation or discomfort. It is recommended to wear these for a maximum of 8 hours so I could not wear these to work as it's almost 12 hours for me from getting up to getting home. I would still wear them on a special occasion or night out though. These are not prescription lenses. They are only for cosmetic use.

 Many thanks to Amazing PR for sending these out to me. I have always been curious to try coloured lenses so thank you.

Are you a fan of coloured lenses? Do you have any favourite colours, styles or brands? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all 


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