Hi sweeties. How rubbish is the weather right now. We are meant to be out of the April showers so what's going on?

Moving on to something much more pretty and fun is my flower garland headband haul :)

This fuchsia and white band has smaller flowers than the other bands, but they are still a good size. This comes with an elasticated band that looks silky on the outside, but not on the inside so it should stay easily in place. It also comes in a multi-pastel and white option.

I love the colours of these flowers which is why I bought them all :) They are attached to a plaited cord band which has a stretchy part at the back.

I think these are great accessories that are so easy to make any outfit more interesting. Great for summer parties, festivals, weddings or if you are like me any time anywhere :)

Let me know where you purchase your flower hair bands in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


  1. I can't find the hot pink one on the link?

    1. The top one is now out of stock, but the others are still for sale. I can see them all in the links.


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