Hello lovely people. Today I have a review for you of a multitasking balm that was gifted to me at #BLFW.

This balm appears to be just a lip balm, but no this product claims to do much more than that.








Extracted from sheep's wool this 100% natural emollient offers an instant moisture hit.

So does it work?

As a lip balm it's very satisfying. It leaves a layer of moisture which lasts up to 8 hours. It's very glossy so your lips will look more plumped, but it isn't a lip plumper with that tingling zingy feeling. My lips did feel very moisturised and soft. I suffered a lot less peeling than usual.

As a cuticle ointment it sinks in nicely and feels nourishing. I like to smooth the excess over my nail too for a subtle sheen.

I don't tend to suffer with split ends as I get my hair cut so regularly so I am not sure how it works for those who suffer them.

I tried it on my lashes as a primer, but I found that my mascara didn't apply as full and separated as usual. Because of the consistency my lashes clumped just a little and the mascara was unable to lengthen my lashes as well. However as a conditioning treatment I think it would be fine to use at night on the lashes. I'm not saying it will make them grow, but just keep them smooth as they are hair.

I tend to have a fringe and if I apply eyebrow mascara to my brows I don't really need anything else to keep them in place so I didn't test it out for that.

As a general balm for chafing and dry skin relief I think it would be a great moisturising staple product not just for us ladies, but the whole family.

My only frustration is how messy the tube gets at the opening. I use this mainly as a lip balm and I have always found with these type of tubes for lip treatments they do get messy. Perhaps a doe foot applicator like a lipgloss or a twist up stick would be nice options for those just wanting to use it as a lip balm? I am not sure if this formula could be made like that, but I would be more likely to purchase it myself in the future if that was the case. 

Would you try this product and for what purpose? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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