Hey wonderful people. How are you all? I am very excited to share with you a piece of jewellery I was given the opportunity to design. 

I met the lovely Miisa from MINK & STONE at #BLFW. Miisa showed me just how easy it is to create a piece of jewellery on the Mink & Stone website. There are a choice of 7 necklace styles in varying lengths or a bracelet if that's your preference with either silver or gold metal.

You can make up a personalised tray of goodies to play with and have fun creating your own design. There are easy search options under colour, use, material, collection or size group.

Each bead is priced so if you have a budget it makes it a bit easier to select choices within that frame. I had been gifted with £15 credit. My bracelet came to just a little over that and I think was totally worth it.

As you can see you can name your piece adding a short description of the inspiration behind it. Mine is featured on the inspiration page which you are given the option to do if you wish. It can then be shared on various social media. The more people that 'like' your design the higher up the inspiration page it will sit. It's a great idea as others can not only view the materials used and be inspired by your design, but they also have the option to purchase your piece. If they do you can then earn credit to put towards future designs.

Your design will be custom made and shipped to you within 2 weeks. There was a delay in receiving my bracelet as the black crystal hearts proved to be very popular so mine came in less then 3 weeks.

As you can see my design only uses 4 bead styles, yet I think looks beautiful (pats self on back). It was very satisfying hearing the clink of the beads tap together as they slid down the chain landing next to each other. Seeing my design develop before my eyes was very exciting and addictive.  

So why not get creative and have fun designing a piece for yourself or even as a gift. It can be sent to the recipients address with a note saying "designed for you".

Let me know if you design any pieces in the comments below so that others can view them too.

Love to you all

Vicky xx


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