Hi beauties. I hope you are all having a great week. Today I have a review for you of a tanning product that was sent to me a while ago from the very popular tanning brand VITA LIBERATA

I was so excited to try it out, but due to skin/medical issues that may affect the result of the tan and not wanting you to wait any longer for a review my friend very kindly tried out the tan for me and answered some questions about it so that I can still review it for you.

The claims:

A lightweight tinted mousse formula in a medium shade. 

Glides on like velvet over the skin. 

A gorgeous bronze tan that is odourless and fades without patching. 

Leaves skin super soft and lasts up to 7 days.

Foolproof application that dries instantly so that you can get dressed straight away.

An extra soft flock application mitt that gives a streak free result.

So what were the results?

Q. Did the tan feel light and airy on the skin?

A. Yes very! It didn't feel like I was wearing fake tan at all :)

Q. Did it apply easily?

A. Yes it gave an instant colour so you could see where you had applied it so no body parts were missed. A great streak free finish! The mitt was fab and made the application so easy.

Q. Was it odourless?

A. There was a very slight biscuit smell that was hardly noticeable. My boyfriend didn't complain so that says something.

Q. Did it fade without any patching?

A. Yes! It faded very naturally. I exfoliated on day 3 and it stayed a very even colour.

Q. Did it dry instantly?

A. Yes. There was a slight tacky feeling for about 5 minutes after applying it, but then that feeling went away.

Q. Did your skin feel soft with it on?

A. Yes it left my skin feeling soft.

Q. How long did it last?

A. 1 week!

Q. Was there any transfer onto bedsheets or clothing while wearing the tan?

A. No. I applied it at night and showered the next morning. I was left with a lovely deep colour. There were no stains on my bedsheets or clothing the whole week.

Q. What type of shade does the tan give?

A. I usually go for light/medium tinted tans, but this medium shade was a little darker. It was a lovely golden bronze that didn't look muddy or orange in tone at all. It was a very wearable shade and didn't look too dark. A very natural bronzed shade.

Q. Would you purchase the tan and mitt yourself?

A. Definitely 100%. It was so easy to apply and gave and beautiful golden bronze shade that was not too light or too dark. It didn't go patchy either. I loved it and would buy it myself in the future.

My friend is obviously a big fan of VITA LIBERATA now and who can blame her with these results.

For more information on the NKD SKN Luxe Tanning collection check out this post here!

Do you already have any favourites from the NKD SKN Luxe Tanning collection? Let me know which products with reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all

Vicky xx

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