Haul: Primark, Forever 21 And H&M

Hiya. Thought I'd pop back with another post today. I have some clothes I picked up on a shopping spree a few weeks ago to show you. They are creased because they have been in the bags so I do apologise that they don't look perfect.


Black Blouse £6.00

I got this in a size 6 as this material comes up quite loose. I love wearing this style with the collar done all the way up. I just stick it on a hanger once washed and there is no need to iron. Fab :) 100% polyester.

Hello Kitty Grey Hooded Sweat Top £10.00

I got this in an 8/10 and it fits just right. Of course I love Hello Kitty so this makes me happy. The print in the hood is amaze too, but my print is smudged in the centre part :( I still love it though. Made from cotton and polyester.

Breath Spray Peppermint Coolness

I think this was about £1.00-£2.00, but I can't find the receipt sorry. I have already used this and it's good for a freshen up. It's also leopard with a pink top so it has to be lovable right?

Forever 21

White Basic V-Neck T-Shirt £3.75

I got this in a size medium. It's made from cotton and modal. What is modal? This is a nice staple piece and so inexpensive. It is very see through though so I will probably wear this over a white vest.


Burgundy Beanie £3.99

Made from polyester, viscose and angora. One size.

Grey Beanie £3.99

Same materials/size as above.

Pale Pink Beanie £6.99

Made from acrylic and polyamide. One size. It looks like there is a silvery white thread running through this.

Black Beanie £6.99

Same materials/size as above. There is a thread running through this also which looks silver or gold. It reminds me a lot of the sweater top I got from Forever 21 in this haul.

I wanted some beanies for the coming winter so I thought I would pick up a few colours as these were so cheap and easy to throw on.

Berry, Beige/Oatmeal, Green & Black Babydoll Dipped Hem Dresses £14.99 each

I got these in a size 10 to play it safe. I probably could have got a size 8, but a 10 is fine. These are made from acrylic and polyamide. These will be so versatile to wear with or without a belt. I will probably wear with long cardis when it's really cold and opaque tights. Ankle boots, biker boots and pumps will rock with these too. The pink one is deeper and more of a red toned berry than it is showing up on camera. The beige/oatmeal and green shades look darker in true life form too.

So that's the end of my haul folks. What have you been purchasing lately that I need to know about?

Love to you all

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