NOTN: StarGazer Diablo Manicure

Hi there my Beauty Addicts. I'm chilling this Sunday while feeling a little under the weather. There are so many sicknesses going around that I hope I don't get one, fingers crossed. Anyway let me move on to today's post. The lovely Kat from Touch Media sent me lots of goodies to try out and today I have one of them to show you.


This is the StarGazer Diablo Manicure Set. It comes with a red shade (136), a white shade and a clear top coat. Included are also some french tip stickers.

The Nail Polishes

The French Tip Stickers

The idea is that you cut and file your nails to the desired shape, ensuring that they are clean. So remove any previous nail polish used. Then apply one coat of the red shade to each nail. Once this has completely dried apply a french tip sticker to each nail so that there is room enough to paint the tip. Then apply two coats of the white shade to the exposed tips. Wait for 1/2 an hour before removing the stickers. Then apply one coat of the clear top coat to each entire nail.

Now I'm quite impatient and I was getting ready to go out so I wanted to try something a little different. I placed the stickers randomly one on each nail. I then painted either side of the sticker with the red on one side and the white on the other. I used two coats of red and three coats of white as I found the white to be just a little patchy with two coats as I think white nail polishes always come out a little thinner for some reason. I let the nails dry for about 10 minutes and then peeled off each sticker. It would have been better to let the nails dry longer, but I had to get ready. I then used a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to clean off the sticky residue left behind by the nail stickers and to attempt to the clean the nail polish edges. A flat, stiff, straight edged make-up brush would work much better though I think. Because the stickers did leave a sticker residue behind on my nails I believe that may be left on the red polish if you applied this set as you are meant to.

I felt like the exposed areas where the nail stickers had been needed a little something and as it's coming up to Xmas I thought why not add some glitter. I painted three coats of my E.L.F. Nail Polish in Twinkle to those areas. The red and white polish I painted over with the top coat.

Left Hand

 Right Hand

Now I do realise that this is not my best manicure ever as these photos were taken today after I applied this manicure last night so there is a bit of smudging as I was in a rush. I do quite like the randomness of it though. I think I would have preferred it with some silver or silver glitter lines between each nail polish to define the edges more and even perhaps some gems.

Overall I think the StarGazer Nail Polishes are a nice set to have. Especially with the red and white at this time of year. It makes me think of Santa's hat :) I already have quite a few StarGazer Nail Polishes. They apply really easily and I have never been disappointed with the shades. This red is a very bold shade that I think would also be nice to wear alone. The white works really well with three coats and you can use it with other french tip looks. The top coat can be used with any manicure too. These sets also come in French, Gothic & Cyber for £4.00 each. Here is a link.

As stated above the StarGazer products were sent to me for free. The E.L.F. Nail Polish is my own. You can buy the E.L.F. Polish on for £2.50. I have not added a link as it never shows up once I have posted so just copy and paste the web address to view this product in your search engine.

So I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know how you get on with using french tip nail stickers and any tips you can give let me know in the comments below. 

Love to you all



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