HOTD: Ombre Glitter

It's me once again Beauty Addicts. I am on a mission today to try out lots of products. I have something to show you that is definitely fun for this time of year because lets face it it's all about the glitter ........

One Wash Glitter Spray (Red)

The idea is that you shake the can and spray onto your hair from 10 inches away in a well ventilated room. When you are finished with your glitter hair look you simply wash it out with shampoo and water.

It sounds very simple and it is, but my god did this make a mess. I tried to spray it as close to my hair as possible as it was just glitter all over my bathroom sink and floor as well as on me. If I had sprayed it 10 inches away it would have looked like Santa had stopped for a loo break in my bathroom. I would advise that you spray this in the shower so that you can wash it away straight after you have sprayed it. Also do not get ready in your clothes until you have sprayed this first unless you want to be covered in glitter. I would probably have a shower as usual, dry myself off so that my hair didn't cling to my wet skin, get back in the shower, spray it on, wash it off my skin, walls, bath, shower and continue as normal. So now onto how it looks.

This was my attempt at a glitter ombre style. I didn't think it had shown up that well so I then sprayed some on my fringe to see if I could show you better, but I didn't spray as much as by this point it was glitter mania in my bathroom.


I'm not sure if it looks more like dandruff here. I think this product would look better in a club or at a party with lights flashing to make it sparkle.

I do think this is a fun product that is perfect for parties at Xmas and on New Year's Eve, but I'm not sure I could be bothered with the mess. I am going to play around with it though and see what other uses I can find for it.

I would advise that you Google this product as I can't find it on the StarGazer website I'm afraid. Various prices appear in the links.

Thanks to Touch Media PR for sending this to me for free to review.

Are you into glitter? What hair products do you use to jazz up your hair for the party season? Hair mascara? Hair accessories? Let me know in the comments below. 

Love to you all


  1. I agree with you, in that it looks pretty on its own, but it would definitely be better suited to a clubbing night to really bring out the sparkle!

    1. Definitely. It would be fun for girls getting ready together for a night out.


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