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Hi there Beauts! How are we all today? I have a wee review for you of a product that I received in my January 2013 GlossyBox

This is the Jason Lips Bee Healthier Lip Salve. Now I have always suffered badly with dry, chapped, peeling lips especially in the winter months. I can't tell you the amount of times I have been unable to wear lipstick or gloss which would just highlight the problem because of this which has never felt very fair. 

When I saw this in my GlossyBox I must admit I thought this won't work better for me than any other lip balm I have tried before as believe me I have tried a lot. The scent of this product is a gorgeous peppermint which I love to sniff. The twist up part of the tube is at the top near the lid unlike most lip balm tubes which have it at the bottom. It took me a while to get used to that as I kept forgetting this one is different. The product itself is 70% organic

So how did I think it worked for my lips? Hands down this is the best lip salve I have ever used. I had about two days of troublesome lips since using this when I received it. So for about four months use I don't think is bad at all. 

Now don't get me wrong there are some cons that I found with this product. The product inside did snap off with about a quarter of product left inside so it would have lasted longer if this had not happened. The stickers are peeling away from the outside too making it look a little grubby. 

Despite these flaws because the product works so well I would buy this again in the future because the salve is fantastic and a saviour to those who are in the battlefield of chapped, sore, peeling, splitting lips OUCH!

If you use your search engine there are so many places to order this online for £1.99.

Have you tried any other Jason products that you like or dislike? If so let me know which ones and why in the comments below.

Love to you all


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