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Hello my loves. It's Saturday which is soooo good as it's the weekend which makes me :) Are You having a great weekend so far? I saw my Mum yesterday who wasn't feeling too well bless her, but she is more perky today which is good. I went to the crematorium without Mum as she was too sick. My Dad passed away in 2006 so I can't see him for Father's Day, but I like to lay some flowers and take a card to where his ashes are at around this time. Today I had to pop to the post office and now I am in for the weekend. I am such a party go-er I know ;)

I wanted to let those of you who love Primark know that some of their items are now being sold on ASOS. I have always been a massive Primark fan as you have probably guessed from previous hauls, but I don't have a car so I have to make an effort to go to a Primark store. I have never understood why the Primark website was so limited. There is very little product information about current stock which I think they could really take advantage of. Why they have never sold online before is beyond me. Here is their website, link.

To view Primark on the ASOS website click here. These are the two items that have caught my eye on there so far.

Primark Skinny Joggers in Grey & Black, £7.00 per pair

I would have to buy both shades of course!

Primark Ultra Soft Skinny Jean Retro Blue, £11.00

Are you excited about the thought of Primark selling online or do you prefer the in store experience? Have you made any Primark purchases through ASOS yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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